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Spelling Frame - This will help with your spelling

Ways to practise spellings at home

1. Look, Cover, Write, Check is a strategy used to help children learn their spellings.  A child is given a word to spell and:

  • looks at it
  • covers it over (e.g. with their hand)
  • writes the spelling again
  • uncovers the spelling to check if they have got it right.

2. Write all the words on post-it notes and time your child as they sort them into the different groups of spelling patterns at speed.

3. Switch places:  Children love to play teacher, so get them to quiz you. Make sure you ‘accidentally’ get a key part of the word wrong sometimes so they can correct you.

4. If you have a Scrabble set have all the scrabble letters to hand, and the rails to put them on. Ask your child to spell out each word. You could even add together the scores to help their maths too. Find out which word has the highest score.   You can use magnetic letters too or write the letters on bits of paper.

5. Post it note the words around the house and test your child each time you come to one.