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Bath and Wells MAT


Our History Intent

Ensure that children have a deep-rooted understanding of history in their local area and the history of St James’ role in being a hospital during the war. 

This is then broadened to consider the impact of historical periods on Britain, their community and them as children, considering both historical periods within this country and in the wider world.

Children consider how their lives have changed compared to those of the past, reflecting on the sacrifices made by others to provide them with the opportunities for future success.

An acknowledgement that children need to revisit and systematically build on their historical knowledge year on year. This recognises the fact that for many of our children, school is the main source of this knowledge.

To ensure that children build on their knowledge of the chronology of historical periods, all year groups will review previous learning, discussing where periods of history already learnt sit on a timeline.

Children are immersed in age-appropriate historical vocabulary in all year groups to ensure that they have the subject-specific language skills required to communicate their understanding.

The history curriculum provides real-life opportunities to apply and deepen their skills and knowledge in the core curriculum subjects ensuring that they can understand the rationale behind the learning in these are.


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