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Science at St James



Our Science Intent

At St James Church School, we have a science curriculum which aims to achieve the following things:


  • Recognise the importance of science in every aspects of daily life and support children to see the patterns and links of life around them.
  • Recognise the impact of significant scientific discoveries and scientists who have changed the world.
  • Increase children’s knowledge and skills and understanding of the world around them through a process of scientific enquiry and discussion.
  • Capture children’s curiosity and encourage respect for all living organisms and the physical environment around them.
  • Ensure that children have access to a high-quality, fun, engaging and progressive science curriculum that supports children to know more, remember more and understand more.
  • Children are supported to explicitly make connections between what they have previously learned and what they are currently learning.

We use the Plymouth Science scheme which embraces a practical approach to develop scientific skills as well as scientific capital.

Progression documents for Science from Plymouth Science:

science progression of learning plymouth science.pdf


eyfs progression into science.pdf


Click the link to play the peppered moth adaptation game: 

Adaptation game - Year 6