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St James School Sports Council 2017 - 2018


We are very excited to have been elected by our classes to be on the sports council and after our first two meetings have decided that our focus for this year will be as follows:

  • To organise a whole school sponsored run for charity (Spring term)
  • To organise a sports festival for KS1 (Summer term)
  • To ensure that our lunchtimes are active giving the opportunity for all children to complete 30 minutes of activity
  • To raise awareness and promote the benefits of an active lifestyle

We are:

Rowan - Munashe and Millie

Sorrel - Radek and Mia

Pine - Jacob and Kimmie

Poplar - Oliver and Leona

Sycamore - Xavier and Erin

Walnut - Spencer and Cia

Willow - Demario and Olivia

Yew - Luke and Lilia


Term 1

We have met and decided what we would like to achieve as a Sports Council this year (please see the list above). We all talked to our classes and got some feedback from every child on their thoughts on PE and activity at St James - what works well, it would be even better if... We then prioritised what we think is important and achievable and came up with our targets. We spent a long time choosing some amazing new equipment for the playground at lunchtime and cannot wait for it to arrive. 



A welcome from our Sports Council members


I am Erin, aged 10. I love sport and do a lot of it - football, games , tag rugby, swimming, Junior Parkrun and gymnastics. I want to help others be fit and be able to do more sports. 


My name is Xavier and I am 9. I am a good leader and love doing Playground Leaders at lunchtime. I go to mixed games club and want to help others be more active. 


Hi! I'm Munsashe and I am 8. I play football outside of school and I think I got elected by my class because I am known for being sporty. I am also responsible. My dream is to be a professional footballer and a PE teacher


HI I'm Radek and I'm 9. I play for a football club called Falcon and I go to football club in school. My dream is to play for Manchester United. 


I am Mia, aged 8. I was elected onto the Sports Council because I want to help with sports around the school. I enjoy going running with my mum. I support Manchester United. My dream is to become a teacher. 


I am Jacob, I am 8. I was chosen to be on the sports council because I want to help. I dream of being a professional footballer. I support Manchester United and play for North Curry. 


Hello - my name is Kimmie and I am 7 years old. I love sport, especially gymnastics. I have enjoyed choosing equipment for us to play with at lunchtime. 


Hello, my name is Kubar and I am 7 years old. I dream of being a professional footballer and love being on the sports council. 


I am Tallulah and I am 7 years old. When I grow up I want to be a sports leader. When I am in Bishop Fox's, I want to help people learn how to do gymnastics. I love going to the park and doing gymnastics. 


Sports Council 2017 - 2018

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Sports activities at St James Church School


St James has an amazing range of sports activities that go on throughout the year.  To find out more please see our Sports Activities page.