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Young Leaders (Year 6)

Core purpose:

To recognise leadership potential and promote good conduct acting as a role model for peers and younger children.


Key roles:

  • To meet as a group at least once per half term.
  • To hold roles of responsibility across the school and particularly at lunchtime that promote good behaviour and engagement.
  • Recognised as children who already have leadership skills. Trained in leadership skills throughout the year.
  • Responsible for agreeing whole school fundraising activities. Other action groups have to seek agreement from this group.
  • Responsible for choosing a local charity for the year.
  • Responsible for choosing the international charity for the year as a whole school focus.
  • To support the School Leadership Team and Headteacher with the school development plan.
  • To assist with the appointment of new staff and give an opinion about the best staff to recruit.

This is our plan for the year: