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Year Group Closure 15/12/20

Please see below for a daily timetable supporting you and your child to continue to access the curriculum at home. Please refer to the blended learning homepage for the principles and advice guiding our home learning offer. We endeavour to provide links that are accessible via  a mobile phone and the learning can then be recorded on paper if appropriate. This can be shared via Class Dojo to enable your child's class teacher to provide feedback and guide you and your child on the next steps in their learning. 

Thursday 17th December 2020






This week we are looking at our award spellings

These spellings lists can be found here

Spellings | St. James Church School (


Please choose 10 of these spellings to practise today. 

Once you have practised them, use this activity to support your learning further…


Adding my words

Each letter has a value.

Consonants are worth 10 and vowels are worth 5.

Write your spelling words.

Then add up the value of each word.

e.g.  s    a     i    d

     10 + 5 + 5 + 10

             = 30





Sick Sentence:

Correct the speech punctuation mistakes in the following sentence and write it correctly in your book.


stop that’s my cat Tom shouted loudly. Sam didn’t stop, No it’s mine!




I have not seen Sam because /as/since he went away.

He went to college but/although didn’t enjoy it.

He wanted to stay because/as/since he liked the beach there.

Writing Task:

Watch the following video…

greatestgift - THE LITERACY SHED


Discuss the following:

  • Why is having loved ones around (not just at Christmas time) important?
  • Who may not spend Christmas with their families or loved ones? E.g. firemen


Now write a letter for someone you love telling them how much they appreciate all they do for you throughout the year. Send this or give it to them if you are able to (remember to get permission from an adult).


You may wish to write a letter or Christmas card for those people who will not be around their loved ones at Christmas. This will be more people than usual this year due to the current circumstances.


You may wish to deliver these letters or cards as long as you have permission from an adult and are following social distancing rules.  



Times Tables


Our times tables practise, and test sheets can be found here…

Generic maths to do at home | St. James Church School (

Remember you have 5 minutes practise and 3 minutes if you want to test (4 minutes if you are on Olympic or Championship).

Practising on TT Rock Stars will also support your learning of times tables. Message on Class Dojo if you need your account details. is also a great website where you can pick the times tables you want to practise.




Christmas Maths Problems






Read for 15 minutes either to yourself or someone in your house and use the following page on our website to support your reading at home…

Generic reading to do at home | St. James Church School (


Remember to check the level you are reading and whether you are able to quiz on the book on AR. If you can quiz, please do!


Watch, The Gift of Christmas by following the link below. Remember to quiz on AR. The quiz number is 206167

The Gift of Christmas-:-Books Read to Kids Aloud! - YouTube



Active Time


Please use your fitter future login to do some daily workouts.

What a great way to kick start the day! 

Joe Wicks workouts-

Cosmic yoga-



Christmas Activity   

Christmas Party!

Today would have been our Christmas party.

Why don’t you have your own party at home with your family and have some fun?



Party games including musical statues, pin the nose on Rudolf, pass the parcel.

Christmas singing and dancing.

Christmas crafts including; paper chains, shoebox nativity, tree decorations, paper snowflakes, bunting. More ideas can be found here… 20 Homemade Christmas Decorations for Kids to Make & Treasure (

Christmas baking.

Create a Christmas quiz.


Post a photo on class dojo of your Christmas party or of you having fun!