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Year 6

The suggested timings for the daily work timetable is only meant as a guide.  This is a suggested maximum time you should be expecting your child to undertake the activities we provide.  We are passionate and fully committed in supporting you to provide education for your children whilst they are off school during the current world events, and all of the activities we have provided are suggested. Above all, your child's happiness and well-being is the most important thing.  Use your judgement as a parent to decide what to ask your child to complete each day and if you want to do things in a slightly different way than is suggested - then feel free to get creative with the activities. 

During the day, we recommend that you focus on these activities.  We have added some suggested times to give you an idea about how long each activity should take. Teachers will be updating this page daily to support children to continue their learning at home. Further information for each of the daily activities can be found below. 








Times Tables



Active Time

Afternoon Activities



15-20 mins

60 mins

15 mins

60 mins

30 - 45 mins

10 - 15 mins








Friday 5th June 2020

Today's Work


Practise your Olympic Award spellings which can be found in your Home Learning Book or on our Class pages on the school website.


Complete a spelling quiz on all the words in your Olympic Award. Either get a parent to test you or complete with a friend on video call.


Below is a spelling website which will allow children to flashback to previous taught spelling rules.



Setting Descriptions using figurative language


WALT: write a setting description using figurative language and show not tell to create atmosphere.

Using the skills you have learnt this week, write a short setting description that intrigues the reader and leaves them wanting to read on.

Choose one of the pictures below to write your setting description. Remember to read each sentence through carefully to ensure it makes sense, is punctuated correctly and your spellings are accurate.

Wow us with your amazing description and we will publish them on the website!

Numeracy Ninjas

Algebra – Remember to substitute (replace) the letters with the equivalent number and then complete the calculation. Show your workings out in your book. Always follow BODMAS.


If a = 8, b = 2, c = 3 and d = 9


a2 – (b + c)= 82 – (2 + 3)2 = 64 – 52 = 64 – 25 = 39


ac / 2b = (8x3) ÷ (2x2) = 24 ÷ 4 = 6


3b3 = 3 x (2x2x2) = 3 x 8 = 24


(2c – b)2 = (6 – 2)2 = 42 = 16


√d = √9 = 3 because 3x3 = 9, so the square root of 9 is 3.

Please see ‘Generic Maths to do at home’ section so your child can practise the times tables sheet they are currently on.


Question Focus


Question of the day:


Complete the arithmetic paper linked below this table. Remember to use all of the methods you have been taught (don’t forget BODMAS).


Complete the final online reasoning test (number 3).  


Reading is a crucial part of the day. You have been set your final AR targets of Year 6. How will you plan to meet that target?


Check out the class read on the Class Story section of DoJo - a new instalment every day!


There are lots of opportunities and resources for reading:

  • Your schoolbook
  • Fiction and Non-fiction books available on , but make sure you check they are on AR before you start reading.
  • A selection of Fiction books available on Check for the list of suggested books on Class DoJo.

Active Time

Have a look at the Fitter Futures website and complete some of the activities. You can find all the information on the Class Story on Class Do Jo.


See the bottom of the ‘Home Learning March 2020’ page for ‘How to Keep Active at Home’

Helpful Task

Help out around the house. You could do the hoovering, the dusting or even fold the laundry.

Optional Fun Activities

See the bottom of the ‘Home Learning March 2020’ page for some ideas.


See Curriculum Learning Map on class page if you would like to link the activity to what we have been learning in class.

Class Reader

For our class reader, please go to class dojo and then the class story to listen to Miss Lacy read our new class reader. 

Previous Days' Daily Work

If you have missed a day's work or lesson, please find the labelled folders below. 


Active Time



The document below includes some different games that you could use to practise your spellings, in addition to your spelling menu in your home learning book. The Olympic Spelling Lists can be found on our class pages if you need them. 



If you are stuck with any area of your grammar learning, or you are finding one of your daily tasks tricky, use your grammar revision book which clearly explains the topics. You could also use the Bitesize website ( which has videos and games to support your grammar learning. 



Make sure you are keeping up with your recommended 50 pages of reading a day and reading a range of fiction and non-fiction. You are able to log on to quiz on books, when you are ready. 



You will be set Maths work to do each day and on your weekly homework. Remember you can use MyMaths lessons to help support your understanding of areas of Maths we have taught this year. Use TTRockStars daily to improve your skills. 

Supporting Your Child with Maths


If you are unsure of how to help your child to calculate the answers to their Maths questions, please take a look at our calculation policy for Year 6 below.