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Year 5

The suggested timings for the daily work timetable is only meant as a guide.  This is a suggested maximum time you should be expecting your child to undertake the activities we provide.  We are passionate and fully committed in supporting you to provide education for your children whilst they are off school during the current world events, and all of the activities we have provided are suggested. Above all, your child's happiness and well-being is the most important thing.  Use your judgement as a parent to decide what to ask your child to complete each day and if you want to do things in a slightly different way than is suggested - then feel free to get creative with the activities. 

During the day, we recommend that you focus on these activities.  We have added some suggested times to give you an idea about how long each activity should take. Teachers will be updating this page daily to support children to continue their learning at home. Further information for each of the daily activities can be found below. 








Times Tables



Active Time

Optional Fun Activities



15-30 mins

30-60 mins

15-30 mins

30-60 mins

30 mins

30 -60 mins


Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a place where teachers, parents and students can communicate.  It allows parents and children to ask the teachers questions if they are confused about something and for teachers to send out messages to the  whole class with ideas and support.  There are still several parents from both Sycamore and Walnut that have not yet signed up to this service.  I do not want you to feel pressured but it will allow you to contact us easily if you need anything or have any questions.

The login details can  be found in your child's new learning at home book.  If you are having trouble logging on please contact the school and we will help you get started.

Unfortunately you will  need to do this for each child as each  class has a separate dojo.  Please do not feel this means you have to follow the work we are providing.  Class Dojo is purely a way to keep in touch and for you to see any work  your child  has shared with us.  It is not a social  media site and so  you  will  not get bombarded with messages and  adverts.

Friday 22nd May






Get someone to test you on this week’s spelling rule. Let Mrs Tucker and Mrs Grattan know your scores, so they can give you Dojo points.









SPaG Starter


Answers from yesterday’s SPaG starter.


As the wind howled through the gnarly, old trees, the little girl ran as fast as her stumpy legs could carry her. Running quickly, her long, red cloak billowed noisily and she wore a scornful expression on her gaunt, skeletal face. Either side of her slight frame, her stick-like arms moved like pistons to try and make her go even faster.


Identify all of the determiners in the passage below. Remember, a determiner introduces a noun, so spot the noun first if you are unsure (it could come before an adjective which describes a noun).


The snake coiled itself around a branch of an ancient tree and hissed viciously as three tropical-looking birds flew past. Out of nowhere, some monkeys started howling in the distance. There are many strange noises in this rainforest.

About to Hatch…


The mysterious objects, most of them spherical in shape, lay there on the beach, motionless, immovable despite the tide’s best efforts to eradicate them from the shoreline.

Then, a crack began to appear on the surface…


From drawing your creature and making notes yesterday, you are going to write a short description about it today. Use the toolkit below as guidance about what features to include and remember to use powerful vocabulary.



Times Tables


You have been set an individual challenge as well as a ‘boys Vs girls’ battle on TTRockstars this week. We will be mentioning the top scorers and people who play the most later today and also the winner of the boys Vs girls battle.





Hint: work backwards (do the inverse)

Maths Investigation- Reach 100


Open the document ‘Maths Investigation 22.05.20’ to read the full instructions on the maths investigation for today.






 Please see the ‘Generic Reading to do at home’ link on the ‘Home Learning March 2020’ page on the school website to choose a book for your daily reading.


Reading Challenge: this week we would like you to find the most unusual place you can to read a book. Remember to upload your pictures onto Dojo, we can decide which place is the most unusual. We will be giving Dojo points for reading and participating in the challenge.


Keep up-to-date with reading our book The Secret Garden on Dojo. It is a challenging text and worth 13 points on AR.


You only have until 3pm today to reach your target for this term.


Active Time







 There are so many workouts - yoga, meditation and active workouts. Here are a couple of good ones: and



Afternoon Activities




Well-being and Mindfulness



Balloon game 


Games and puzzles are a great way to distract yourself, lift your mood or settle your mind. When you need to feel calm, playing games that help you work through your feelings or give you a different focus can be very helpful. 


Playing this online game when you have a worry could really help. 





The Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond spelling lists are on the class pages if you need them.
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Supporting Your Child with Maths


If you are unsure of how to help your child to calculate the answers to their Maths questions, please take a look at our calculation policy for Year 5 below.

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