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Year 1

The suggested timings for the daily work timetable is only meant as a guide.  This is a suggested maximum time you should be expecting your child to undertake the activities we provide.  We are passionate and fully committed in supporting you to provide education for your children whilst they are off school during the current world events, and all of the activities we have provided are suggested. Above all, your child's happiness and well-being is the most important thing.  Use your judgement as a parent to decide what to ask your child to complete each day and if you want to do things in a slightly different way than is suggested - then feel free to get creative with the activities. 

During the day, we recommend that you focus on these activities.  We have added some suggested times to give you an idea about how long each activity should take. Teachers will be updating this page daily to support children to continue their learning at home. Further information for each of the daily activities can be found below. 








Times Tables



Active Time

Optional Fun Activities



15-30 mins

30-60 mins

15-30 mins

30-60 mins

30 mins

30 -60 mins



Friday 3rd April



Friday 3rd April



Practise your spellings (weekly and award spellings – which can be found below).

Pick an activity from the attachment below to help you with practising your spellings.

Sound of the Day 

Tricky word fly swat. 

Write out the tricky words: 

  • said 

  • have 

  • so 

  • some 

  • come 

  • little 

  • were 

  • there 

  • what 



You say one of the words and then the child ‘swats’ the word with a swatter of the palm of their hand ( or anything else you can think of to safely swat with) 



Word of the Day



Sick sentence: 

Correct the following sentence:


miss berrywent for a run Yesterday?

Click on the link to view the picture.

Talk About – Choose three questions underneath the picture to discuss with an adult




Writing Challenge - What might it be thinking? Add a thought bubble to the picture.

Times Tables


Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

Click here to generate a number between 1-100. Children count forwards and backwards from that number. 


Get cooking! 


Work together to follow a recipe. Get the children to weight out the ingredients as you go.  


Show us your creations! 







Number of the Day!


How many 10s and 1s are there? Use any objects you can find to represent 10s and 1s  (e.g 10s could be forks and 1s teaspoons) and take a photo for your home learning book or share on our class Dojo: 







Please read on Bug Club daily.


Please use this link to have exciting stories read to you by celebrities.


Using the reading bookmark answer 3 questions verbally to a person in your household.


Today Miss Berry recommends Snappsy The Alligator on




Active Time


Please see the ‘Keep Active at Home’ page on the school website for your daily physical activity.

Copy the link to join Joe Wicks’ 9am workout routine. What a great way to kick start the day!






Reading Bookmark

Supporting Your Child with Maths


If you are unsure of how to help your child to calculate the answers to their Maths questions, please take a look at our calculation policy for Year 1 below.