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Here is the homework menu for our class The children need to choose tasks that will benefit their style of learning and they need to do their best. Remember doing more than the minimum will earn an extra treat.

 Year 5 Spring 2 Homework Menu

Complete one piece of homework from each section and bring them in on Tuesday 28th March.

You will also need to meet your AR reading target by the end of term.



  • Design a new cover for the class reading book, ‘Beetle Boy’. Include a blurb (summary and recommendation) on the back.
  • Paint, collage or pastel a ‘Monet’ style picture of a landscape.
  • Make a mobile to show all the animals and plants in

  • Create a labelled, detailed diagram to show the body parts of an insect or spider.
  • Grow seeds or plants under different conditions (e.g. light, temperature, soil). Observe and record any changes. Ensure your test is fair.
  • Write a poem about a minibeast (real or imaginary).
  • a food chain.



  • Write your own opening chapter to a new book (eg Spider Boy,  Earwig Girl).
  • Use a shoe box to design and make a habitat for a minibeast of your choice.
  • Survey a small area of your garden or park and show all the different types of wildlife that you found, in a drawing, graph or chart.



Some children are using the Accelerated Reader scheme, where children can quiz on each book that they finish to check their understanding. Children accumulate points for passing quizzes and a word count for the number of words read. Look out for our 'Star Readers' scoreboard in class where we update the children with the most books read, most points and most words read! If a child becomes a 'millionaire', where they have read 1 million words, they receive a prize!