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Sports Council

St James has an amazing range of sports activities that go on throughout the year.  To find out more please see our Sports Activities page.

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St James Sports Council 2019 - 2020


We are very excited to be representing our classes on the Sports Council. During our first meeting, we decided that our priorities for this year will be as follows:

  • To help organise and run KS1 and KS2 Sports Days.
  • To organise a whole school charity sports event.
  • To launch the Active Travel Passport. As part of this we will do a whole school assembly and organise and run active travel to school breakfasts. 
  • Every Wednesday lunchtime we will lead sports activities at lunchtime. 
  • We will help choose equipment to keep us active and healthy at lunchtimes.
  • We will help input the data for The Golden Mile. 


We would also like to introduce ourselves:

Chloe - I wanted to be in the Sports Council because I want to make other people more sporty and help them to like sports more. I think this role will be a fun thing to do and I really want to help others. 

Lexie - I wanted to be on the Sports Council to help people get more active because I like being active. 

Max - I want to help people get fit and strong and give out some certificates to good, active people. 

Holly - I wanted to do this role because I love sport. You can achieve anything you want in sport and I want to help others feel as good as I do when I play. 

Radek - I love sport and really wanted to do this role. My personal goal is to win all the games in a football tournament, but I want to help others enjoy sport (football) as much as I do. 

Rhys - I wanted this role because I like to play sporty games and run around and I want others to get fit and healthy. 

Munashe - I would like to help other people become more active. I have a good time playing competitive sports with my friends and would like to help others do the same. 

Leona - I want to make people more active because it's fun. 

Logan - I wanted to be on the Sports Council because it is fun and I love sports. I want to help people learn how to be sporty. 

Tigran - I want this role because I like sports and it sounds fun and I want to help more people get active. 

Nathanael - I want to help other play the sports they want to because you can achieve a LOT of things through sport. 

Charlie - I wanted to help others because I like doing sports. 

Sydney - I want to help others love sport because it's healthy and fun and I want to do sports all day