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Sports Activities

Sports Activities provided at St James

Our goal is to inspire children to be lifelong participants in physical activity - it should be part of our everyday lifestyle to take part in 60 minutes of activity per day. We want the children to have fun and develop their fundamental physical literacy so that they can access all sports and activities competently and confidently. This will be achieved through a combination of: completely inclusive quality PE lessons, quality extra-curricular provision, intra and inter competitions and fostering a philosophy that it is normal and enjoyable to be active for 60 minutes every day - 30 in school and 30 at home. 


In school we address these areas throughout all aspects of the school day:


DASH (Do Activity, Stay Healthy) Club - Mornings

DASH club is designed to get those who are not regularly active, engaged and motivated by providing fun, alternative, non-competitive sessions. The DASH staff have received training to provide a range of multi-sports activities and money from the sports premium has been used to provide new equipment. DASH is run on a Monday. Wednesday and Friday mornings and a healthy breakfast is provided too. 



PE Lessons

PE lessons are taught by a specialist, experienced PE teacher. The central philosophy of all lessons are built round three main principles: 1. Creating clear, shared learning journeys 2. Providing quality personalised opportunities and 3. Shifting responsibility towards the learner. Fundamental skills are taught in all lessons to increase physical literacy and one learning objective is based on this. The other learning objective centres on the area being taught – social, personal, cognitive, creative, health and fitness and applying physical skills.



Lunch times

Our aim is to get all children active for 30 minutes at lunchtime. All lunchtime supervisors have had training on how to run fun, enjoyable activities, there are Year 5 Playground Leaders out every lunchtime running a range of activities and the PE specialist runs a range of clubs too. Active children = happy children. 


The Golden Mile

The ever popular Golden Mile gives children the opportunity to run at lunchtime. Over the course of the year their cumulative distance is calculated to see how far they run. Certificates are presented in assembly to celebrate their success. What will be the top score this year - Mrs Ray thinks over 50 miles!



Active Lunchtime

In liaison with the Sports Council, a range of equipment has been bought. The equipment is rotated over the week allowing the children to be active. The ride on equipment is always popular!


The specialist PE teacher also runs clubs at lunchtimes which have proved very popular incorporating dodgeball, hockey, tennis, skipping, capture the flag and many more.  


Targeted interventions

Learn to move and move to learn are used to improve fine and gross motor skills


Extra-curricular school clubs

There is a thriving extra curricular programme running in school. The specialist PE teacher runs clubs every night and several TA’s have been trained and now also run and support clubs, enhancing our provision further. Virtually all clubs run to capacity, with spaces for 240 children to participate. We also employ Premier Sport to enhance our club provision.

Clubs change during the year, but include benchball, tennis, football, tag rugby, netball, KS1 gym, KS1 multi skills, KS2 gym, hockey, dodgeball, cheerleading, athletics, nerf wars, rounders, cricket, dance, cycling, fencing, cross country and basketball. 







Intra school competitions


There are regular competitions throughout the year for all year groups in a range of sports - there is 100% participation. The sports chosen reflect those done in lessons and include catchball, seated volleyball, dodgeball and benchball. 




Young leaders from school are encouraged to help with all clubs and to organise intra competitions. 







Inter school activities


The school takes part in inter school festivals, hosted by the local secondary school. There is a minimum of one festival per year group and 100% of our children attend.


There are excellent local inter school competitions organised by SASP and we enter teams in; football – both Year 6 and Year 3/4, Yr 3/4 catchball, netball, tag rugby, indoor athletics, hockey, cricket, rounders and athletics.



School Club Links

We aim to get as many children as possible to attend local clubs. Every week, a club of the week is advertised in the school newsletter and the PE noticeboard giving details of how to join and clubs also come and run taster sessions



The school has its own twitter account for PE – there are daily updates on lessons, learning goals, home challenges (physical challenges that children are asked to complete at home), retweets for local clubs, holiday camps or interesting articles, pictures from clubs and intra and inter competitions. The account name is @stjamesschpe. 





St James Church School have an active Sports Council.  To find out more about their involvement please see their Council page in our Children's section.