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Here is an overview of the spelling patterns/rules that are due to be covered in class for the remainder of this term. Below this, are the spelling homework documents (if you can't print them off, just copy them down to practice them) and a document with some different activities to try to practice your spellings. 



Spelling Pattern/Rule

Week 1

Spelling Homework Dated: 26.3.21


E.g. business, businesses, guess, guesses

Week 2

Spelling Homework Dated: 23.4.21

Plurals (y endings)

E.g. monkey, monkeys, country, countries

Week 3

Spelling Homework Dated: 30.4.21

Plurals (f endings)

E.g. hoof, hooves, leaf, leaves

Week 4

Spelling Homework Dated: 7.5.21


E.g. die, dice, louse, lice

Week 5

Spelling Homework Dated: 14.5.21

Past/present tense

E.g. think, thought, write, wrote

Week 6

Spelling Homework Dated: 21.5.21

-ive, -ic, -ist

E.g. destructive, authentic, tourist