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Year 4 Spring 2 Homework Menu

Choose one task from each section and bring them in on

Tuesday 28th March

In addition to this, we expect every child to read every day, practise spellings/times tables and quiz at least once a week.


Do a detailed onservational sketch of a flowering plant in your garden or local park
Draw an aerial (birds eye) view of your house and garden. Add the direction your house faces using the points of the compass.

Create a timeline of key historical events that have affected Taunton in the past 1000 years.



  1. the diary of a see work sheet using your reused bottle planter, or create your own. Ensure you have sketched the growth of the seeds to support your notes, or take photographs.

Use a plastic 2L bottle (chop the top off) to collect and record the rainfall for a 2 week period of your choice. Measure and mark the side of the bottle, recording the date. Compare your results with Mr Dakin/Mrs Tiller.

Complete the attached map of Somerset to show major towns (Bridgwater, Taunton and Yeovil), geographical features (hills, rivers etc) and label areas where common British wildlife would live.



Create a menu which includes a dish using only leftover food. Cook this item, include the recipe and photograph for evidence.

Invent a superhero who saves the planet from environmental dangers. Include a drawing and detailed character description, explaining what they look like, their personality and their superpowers.