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Welcome to Rowan Class 



Teacher: Miss Nicola Forbes
Other adults that work in our classroom:

Mrs Vicki Wager, Mrs Felicitiy Ssebugenyi & Mrs Deverill

We are a Year 4 class at St James Church School.

Dates to remember this term:

Tuesday 4th February - Road Safety talks for KS2 

Wednesday 5th February - Rowan Class Bible Performance 

Thursday 6th February - Net/Wall Sports Festival for Year 4

Half term - Monday 17th February to Friday 21st February

Thursday 5th March - World Book Day - Vocabulary Parade

Tuesday 31st March - Easter Service at St James Church - 1:30pm start


During Year 4 the children will develop their ability and understanding in all areas of the curriculum. Engaging and motivating activities and strategies will be used to develop a positive classroom culture for writing, while in Maths, part of each lesson is devoted to mental maths and all the children are working towards increasing and improving their mental and written calculation strategies.


How you can help your child:

  • Encourage mental maths skills such as adding and subtracting differing amounts.

  • Rehearse times table facts and related division facts.

    (eg 3 x 9 = 27 so 27 ÷ 3 = 9)

  • Give them experience of handling and identifying money, working out costs of items and change. When shopping work out which offers are cheaper and by how much. (eg 3 for 2 or 2 for £1)

  • Talk about the books they are reading: What was their favourite bit? Did they have a favourite character? What do they think will happen next and why? Lots of discussion helps develop children’s language and understanding of the text.



Homework each week will comprise of reading, practising of times tables and spellings.  All homework needs to be completed in their home learning book which should be in school each day and is checked through weekly.  Please pop in to see me if you need any support with homework as it is an important part of your child's learning.



In Key Stage 2 all pupils have access to Accelerated Reader.  Each child is set a termly points target on Accelerated Reader and they earn points each time they pass a quiz at school.  Any support that can be given at home with reading is incredibly beneficial - reading together daily, discussing new vocabulary as well as making trips to the library all help. For those children that meet their reading target and complete all homework, a reading reward will take place at the end of the term.  



The children learn a new spelling pattern each week. Children are tested on their spelling patterns each week but our focus is on learning the rule and understanding of the patterns. New spellings will go home on a Friday and will be tested the following Friday. 

Children also have their award spellings to work towards and they will be tested on these each half term and will be awarded a special certificate if they get them all correct.


Times tables 

Times tables are an essential part of every child's learning.  From this academic year, the Government have now introduced a times table check at the end of year 4. Times tables are practised daily in school and are tested on a Friday.  The children receive a special certificate when they pass each level. It is a national expectation that children know all their times tables by the end of the year. 


Any practice at home will really help to develop maths skills.  There are many website and apps to support learning in this area. Each child now has their own login details for Times Table Rockstar which is an interactive game that helps children with their times table recall. There will be various competitions in school to motivate the children.


Below are the spelling award word lists we use here at St James Church School.

It is expected that;

  • by the end of Year 3 that children should be able to spell all of the Bronze Spelling words
  • by the end of Year 4 that children should be able to spell all of the Silver Spelling words
  • by the end of Year 5 that children should be able to spell all of the Gold Spelling words
  • by the end of Year 6 that children should be able to spell all of the Platinum Spelling words


PE and Forest School 

This half term we will have PE every week on alternate Monday's and Wednesday's.

26th Feb

2nd March

11th March

16th March

25th March

30th March 

Please ensure you child has a change of clothes for Forest School that you do not mind getting muddy, a coat and a spare pair of shoes (preferably wellies). Please ensure they have their full PE kit in for these lessons.

If they do not have the appropriate clothing/kit/shoes they will not be able to take part in Forest School or PE.

Take a look at what we have been getting up to in Rowan Class

12.02.2020 Chocolate Melting Investigation for Science states of matter topic

Cooking on Stone Age Day 13.01.2020

18.11.19 - We designed Henna and Rangoli patterns in our RE lesson

14.10.19 We made paper plate fish to help us understand the importance of chronological order within instructions

11.09.19 We made play dough worlds to help us learn the layers of the Earth

10.09.19 Our first violin lesson

09.09.19 We have been looking at representing numbers in maths to help us with our place value knowledge

Last Years Class Web Page (2018-2019)



2.05.19 ZooLab came to visit us with some rain-forest animals: a snake, a millipede, a rat, a tree fog and a tarantula!

LKS2 Topic Exhibition 04.04.19

Bridge Making 03.04.19. Today we made bridges using 4 cups, 20 art straws, lolly sticks and masking tape!

Evaporation - 14.3.19: We were interested to observe water evaporating so we filled up a pot of water to 800ml and checked it after 7 days - 100ml evaporated!

Tuesday 12th February 2019 - Four children from Year 4 spoke with BBC Radio Somerset today about a wide range of subjects, including politics, school and Valentines Day. They were a bit nervous and excited at the same time, and their interview will be on Wednesday’s breakfast show!

24.01.19 - Today during science we investigated the weight of gas as part of out states of matter topic by weighing fizzy drinks, shaking them lots, waiting for them to go flat and then re-weighing them.

9.01.19-10.01.19 - We went on a walk around Taunton town centre to understand the term perspective. We then had an art day focusing on L.S.Lowry and drawing our own perspective pictures of Hammet Street in Taunton. We then created a class painting of this.

Spring Term Learning Expedition 

Our learning expedition this term is.....Marvellous Minds!

12.12.18 Today we had our LKS2 Carnival Day. We designed and decorated stalls in the morning and in the afternoon we ran/experienced our stalls and then invited our parents in to join the fun!

05/12/18 Today we had our violin recital to which many of our parents came to support.

Still image for this video

03.12.18 We went down to the church today for the Christmas Experience which the church volunteers put on for us where we learnt about the Christmas story.

23.11.18 Aiyden and his mum brought their pet snake in today. The children were very excited and had lots of interesting questions to ask!

12.11.18 We are starting to look at instructions. Today we had to put a set of instructions, that had been cut up, back together and identify the features used in this sort of text.


We had a Red Cross RE Day.

We found out about our school being a Red Cross Hospital in WW1 and looked at notes and drawings people left in an autograph book when they were being treated here. We then wrote letters and diary entries from soldiers/nurses about some of the pictures in the autograph book on tea stained paper. 

17.10.18 We had so much fun making our carnival costumes for our teddies!

11.10.18 We have been looking at circuits in our science lessons and what materials conduct electricity.

5.10.18: We had lots of fun dressing up as hero's today in order to raise money for the schools new set of Sphero's!

Y3 and Y4 met in a phase assembly (4.10.2018) and shared their learning in different languages. We all said good morning in many languages that we speak in our school and that Mrs G taught us. We then shared what we learnt following the European Day of Languages celebration the previous week. Y4 taught us all the colours in French, then a few children taught us how to say colours in their own language. Y3 also helped everyone say the colours of our houses in many different languages and we sang a song in Italian. (This is the link, if you want to give it a go: ). We felt part of a multicultural, varied world that values everyone for their culture, language and traditions and our school, with its wonderful children from all around the world, reflects these values. 

We have begun to start playing the violin. What do you think? (26.10.18)

Still image for this video

After doing lots of work on 4 digit numbers we have been learning to represent them in various ways 19.9.18

Learning to use a thesaurus to find synonyms and antonyms to create character descriptions 13.9.18

Autumn Term 2018 Learning Exhibition


This term our Learning Exhibition topic is 'Crazy Carnival' 


Our topic for the Spring Term is 'Extreme Earth'