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Here is the homework menu for our class. The children need to choose tasks that will benefit their style of learning and they need to do their best. Please feel free to come in and speak to us if you feel you would like some help with finding a resource etc. We expect children to choose one activity from each section. Remember doing more than the minimum will earn an extra treat!

Y3 Summer Homework Menu

Homework Menu Year 3 Summer Term

Year 3 Homework

Summer Menu – Due on Thursday 6th July

As part of your homework, you are expected to read at least 3 times each week at home. If you are in Poplar class, please make sure that your diary is in school on Wednesdays and Pine class need to have their diary in on a Thursday. Thank you.

You must pick at least one homework task from each section.


Read a fable and draw a front cover using the animals involved
Make a poster about our senses and how we use them
Write a short poem about your favourite animal
Create a poster about the diet of a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore


Research an animal from a different continent
Draw and accurately label a human skeleton, making sure you have included 10 major bones
Research and make a model of how muscles work on an arm or leg
Create a poster/information page about your favourite animal or the human body


Make a model of a human skeleton
Make your own shoe box model zoo
Produce an art piece using animal skin prints
Paint a picture of the life cycle of a butterfly
Design your own imaginary animal using body parts from various real animals




Some children are using the Accelerated Reader scheme, where children can quiz on each book that they finish to check their understanding. Children accumulate points for passing quizzes and a word count for the number of words read. Look out for our 'Star Readers' scoreboard in class where we update the children with the most books read, most points and most words read! If a child becomes a 'millionaire', where they have read 1 million words, they receive a prize! 


Year 3 Homework Menu Autumn 2

The Romans/Rocks and Fossils



  • Make and taste a Roman meal
  • Build a model of a Roman home
  • Make a model of a fossil
  • Create a portrait of a Roman Emperor or Celtic Leader
  • Make a Roman weapon or shield




  • Write a diary entry as a Roman child
  • Create a poster about Roman schools
  • Find out what life was like for the poor in Roman times
  • Create a poster or information page about the layers underneath the earth


  • Create some Roman artwork
  • Write a postcard from the Roman times
  • Go on a fossil hunt and bring in some photos or fossils you found
  • Find out about the story of Romulus and Remus – Why is this important to Romans?
  • Make a poster or make a model about an activity Romans did in their spare time


Homework must be returned to school on Tues 13th December.