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Welcome to the Pine Class page!



Teacher: Mrs Dickinson

Year 3 Teaching Assistants - Miss Passmore and Mrs Deverill

1:1 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Hartholt

We are a Year 3 class at St James Church School.


Welcome and thank you for visiting our class page. 


Our Learning Expedition this term is 'Time Team'. Prepare to hear about our adventures in the make-believe TARDIS to investigate clues about life in the past. You can find more information about the curriculum coverage on the spring term Curriculum Learning Map below. The door is always open so if there is a problem, a question or a query, please don't hesitate to come and talk to one of the year 3 team.


Dates to remember this term:

Tuesday 11th February - Safer Internet Day

Friday 14th February - Last day of term

Monday 24th February - First day back after the half term break

Thursday 5th March - World Book Day and Vocabulary Parade


Times tables 


Times tables are an essential part of every child's learning.  From this academic year, the Government have now introduced a times table check at the end of year 4. Times tables are practised daily in school and are tested on a Monday.  The children receive a special certificate when they pass each level.


Any practice at home will really help to develop maths skills.  There are many website and apps to support learning in this area. Each child now has their own login details for Times Table Rockstar which is an interactive game that helps children with their times table recall. There will be various competitions in school to motivate the children.




Homework each week will comprise of reading, practising of times tables and spellings.  All homework needs to be completed and handed in each Monday.  Please pop in to see me if you need any support with homework as it is an important part of your child's learning.



In Key Stage 2 all pupils have access to Accelerated Reader.  Each child is set a termly points target on Accelerated Reader and they earn points each time they pass a quiz at school.  Any support that can be given at home with reading is incredibly beneficial - reading together daily, discussing new vocabulary as well as making trips to the library all help. For those children that meet their reading target and complete all homework, a reading reward will take place at the end of the term.  



The children learn a new spelling pattern each week and practise the bronze award spellings. Children are tested on their spelling patterns each week but our focus is on learning the rule and understanding of the patterns. New spellings will go home on a Tuesday and will be tested the following Monday.  Children will be tested on their bronze spellings each half term and will be awarded a special certificate if they get them all correct.


Forest School and P.E


For this half term (February-Easter), our class have Forest School every other Wednesday afternoon (starting on 4th March) and P.E every Friday afternoon. Please remember to bring the correct clothing on these days so that your child can take part.


Please view our Curriculum Map below, which outlines our learning in each subject area for this term. 


Previous year's web page 2018 - 2019

How you can help your child:

  • Encourage mental maths skills such as adding and subtracting differing amounts.

  • Rehearse times table facts and related division facts.

    (eg 3 x 9 = 27 so 27 ÷ 3 = 9)

  • Give them experience of handling and identifying money, working out costs of items and change. When shopping work out which offers are cheaper and by how much. (eg 3 for 2 or 2 for £1)

  • Talk about the books they are reading: What was their favourite bit? Did they have a favourite character? What do they think will happen next and why? Lots of discussion helps develop children’s language and understanding of the text.


If you have any questions or queries, you are very welcome to come in and talk to us. 

A display to help children and parents reflect on the importance of daily reading and the beneficial impact it could have.

Year 3 took a trip to post our explorer letters. Look out for some new post soon!

ZooLab Visit


On Thursday, LKS2 had some very special visitors. We met an animal expert called Dan who was able to teach us about the different animals that he had brought in to show us. He looked after them at his home so he knew lots about them! Some of the animals would live in the rainforest. We learnt about how they had adapted to live there including the millipede not needing any eyes! The Zebra Legged Tarantula couldn't see very well even though it has eight eyes! We got to feel a type of snake called a Rosie Boa, a rat and a hold a millipede. They were quite tickly. Some of us overcame our fears to have a go at touching an animal that we were scared of. We really enjoyed learning the facts about the adaptations of the animals and being so close to wildlife.


Take a look at our photographs below!



We learnt about the process of how fossils are made and even made our own dinosaur fossils! 

We were amazed that fossils are made from rock, not bone.

RE Day: Easter's Holy Week

Bridge Building Challenge Day


Today, we were set the challenge to build a bridge using only paper, straws, tape and glue. We first found some inspiration and learnt about different ways that bridges can be constructed. We enjoyed identifying four different types of bridges. We then thought about how we could make the paper strong and learnt that triangle and cylinder shapes are the strongest. We were given some time to plan our ideas before moving on to working as teams to build bridges to span a 40cm gap. 


Miss Rumbelow explained that team work was important and some children worked very well to be able to learn from others and build a bridge together. 


Once our building time was over, we tested the bridges using pennies to see how much weight they could hold. The winning team were Cezary, Jen and Quinn who worked well as a team and their bridge was also the most stable. 


Look below to see photos from the our bridge challenge day!

Observational Drawing and Painting

This afternoon, Pine Class used their observation skills to draw from real flowers. We then used watercolours to paint the flowers. We were focusing on looking closely at the flower to be able to draw the shape accurately while also adding details and developing our skills with changing the depth of colour by adding more water. Take a look at our paintings below!

Marvellous Minds LKS2 Trip

On Wednesday 20th March, LKS2 went to Bristol to visit two creations by a famous engineer and marvellous mind, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. First, we visited the Clifton Surspension Bridge and viewed if from many directions on a bus journey to get there as well as from the Clifton Observatory. The children were really excited to see it in real life and quite nervous to walk across it! It was a wonderful view! 

We then got back onto the bus and made our way to the SS Great Britain. We were lucky enough to get a tour of the ship from an expert and learnt what it would have been like to be a rich and poor passenger on the ship. They were very different experiences. 

Take a look at the slideshow below to see what we got up to!

Growing Beanstalks!

As part of our World Book Day learning, we planted a variety of beans to see what they need to grow. We weren't sure if beans could grow without soil (if they were just thrown out of a window). We have enjoyed watching our beanstalks grown each day and are looking after them well by remembering to give them water. 


At first, our all of our beans started to grow (germinate). In some cases, the bean with no soil grew better than the bean with soil which we were shocked by. But now, it is clear that our beanstalks need soil to grow!


Image result for world book day 2019

This year, the children of St James took part in a vocabulary parade. We designed costumes to the fit words that we had chosen. There were some great, ambitious word choices and costumes to go with them.

LKS2 shared our vocabulary choices in a phase assembly where the children had the opportunity to show their costume to the rest of the phase and their audience could try to guess their word.

Some of Pine Class' words were stealthy, mythical, wonder, international, experiment, terminate, mischievous, vibrant, exquisite, explore, exhausted and many more! 

The children also created dictionary definitions with illustrations of their word choices and together with the other LKS2 classes, came together to put their words into alphabetical order to create a LSK2 World Book Day dictionary.




Our new learning expedition for the
Spring term is Marvellous Minds.
Take a look at the curriculum learning map above
to find out what we will be learning about!


Image result for colourful brain

Pine Class
Bible Story Collective Worship:
Jesus and his Twelve Disciples

On Wednesday 21st November Pine Class performed their Bible Story to the whole school and families. Thank you so much to the people who were able to make it to watch our performance, I know it meant a lot to the children. 


They learnt their roles very well and performed with confidence. Well done Pine Class!


Below you can scan the QR code and watch them sing their Twelve Disciples song. 


On Friday 9th November, we started day with Mr P-T and Miss Rumbelow introducing the school to the theme of the day during assembly: Shape. We spent the whole day (apart from swimming) thinking and learning about shape. We first focused on the whole school challenge pictured below and wanted to be the class to find all of the possible ways of making the fish. 

We attempted to find all of the possible ways of making the fish shape using different combinations of the shapes. We tried to be systematic in our methods to check that we couldn't find any other possible variations. We hope that our 14 ways cannot be beaten by any other of the classes in the school. 

We also learnt about right angles and using right angle magnifying glasses to find right angles around our school. We finished our shape learning for the day thinking about 3D shapes and the vocabulary involved with them. We had lots of fun making 3D shapes using sticks and blu-tac. 

RE Day

Remembrance and the Red Cross

Thursday 8th November 2018


Today we concentrated our learning on the role of the Red Cross charity today and in the past. This lead us to research the role of our school during the First World War as an auxiliary hospital where instead of school desks, there were hospital beds and volunteer nurses treating wounded soldiers from all over the world. We thought about the up-coming remembrance Sunday and why it is important to remember these people.


We wrote shape poems in response to our learning to explain and thank these brave men and women for the work and loss they experienced for us to be able to live our lives freely today.

We looked at military uniform to think about what the soldiers would have worn. We also were able to experience artwork that has been created in response to Armistice Day. 

We created displays of the work we created linked to Remembrance and the Red Cross in our LKS2 corridor.




Take a look the next time you are in school! 

No Pens Wednesday

Wednesday 7th November      

Today we talked about communication, listening and speaking, we did a lot of dictionary work, oral games, vocabulary activities and we also explored the Lost Words book which includes twenty acrostic poems written about words which are being removed from the shorter version of the Oxford English Dictionary. In response, we focused on one of the lost words and generated our own poem about it, as a class. Our acrostic poem used the word ‘conker’. We used other means to record our ideas, as we couldn’t use pens.

Read our completed class poem below.

For our Harvest celebration, Year 3 learnt a poem about harvest and homophones. It made links to our learning of how words can sound the same but have different meanings and made us think about the values that we think are important at this time of year, and all year round.             

Y3 and Y4 met in a phase assembly today (4.10.2018) and shared their learning in different languages. We all said good morning in many languages we speak in our school and many others that Mrs G taught us and then shared what we learnt following the European Day of Languages celebration we had last week. Y4 taught us all the colours in French, then a few children taught us the 4 colours of our houses in their own language. Y3 also helped everyone say the colours of our houses in many different languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Welsh, Romanian) and we sang a song in Italian that Poplar Class taught all of us, from the Italian session they do on a Friday (This is the link, if you want to give it a go: ). We felt part of a multicultural, varied world that values everyone for their culture, language and traditions and our school, with its wonderful children from all around the world, reflects these values. We are now looking forward to seeing what the other classes will share in their assemblies.

On Wednesday, the 26 September, St James celebrated the European Day of Languages and the many children in our school coming from other countries were in the limelight. We got together for an afternoon assembly to talk about diversity and multiculturalism. We were inspired by the many languages the children in our school are speaking (26 different languages, apart from English) and we challenged ourselves to change our language for a day and to learn from each other how to count in other languages, how to greet someone, colours or other vocabulary we were interested in. Y3 tried to learn the colours of our four houses in as many languages possible and we are practising a song in Italian about colourful fish. We will all share our learning in the coming weeks. In such a globalised world, languages are a wonderful way to improve our communication with others and to expand our horizon. At the end of the day, our children were buzzing with enthusiasm, saying Hello and Goodbye in many languages and feeling proud of themselves for teaching others or for learning from others, happy to be part of such a multilingual and multicultural school.

As our WOW Topic starter, Y3 spent a fabulous morning looking at footage about carnivals around the world, designing and making headdresses and also samba dancing to get into the carnival atmosphere. It was a fun filled morning for all!

Image result for carnival banner


This term our learning expedition is Crazy Carnival which focuses on carnivals around the world, why they are celebrated and what they involve. All of our learning will be linked as we continue on our learning expedition. The children have enjoyed sharing their knowledge of carnivals and on Friday we made carnival headdresses and danced to samba music. 

Previous Year's Page

2017 - 2018

On Friday, the 18th May 2018, the whole school was dressed in bunting and royal symbols for a massive celebration of the Royal Wedding. All children and adults came dressed in their best outfits, fit for a royal wedding, and we had a carousel of activities that entertained us all and kept us smiling all day: field games, street party with cakes and tea, a wedding ceremony with mock brides and grooms and a fantastic dancing party where we learnt a dance routine to be able to perform a flash mob with the whole school. It was the most memorable day in recent times - one that children won't ever forget. We all made memories for a life time!

Year 3 Collective Worship

On Wednesday, the 18th April 2018, the school experienced a wonderful and very creative collective worship, lead by the two Year 3 classes. The topic was The Story of Creation and, through drama, singing and prayer, the children made everyone reflect on our beautiful and precious world. We invited everyone to think about all the marvels God created for us and about the responsibility we all have to protect this unique and amazing planet that we were entrusted with. The children enjoyed performing, making props, wearing costumes and they all received a warm round of applause for their effort.


Storytree Workshop


On Monday 9th April Year 3 took part in a workshop with Gloria Lawrence from Storytree. We learnt a great deal about her life and experiences growing up as a black person in the UK. We discussed rascism and bullying and what we should do if we experience that or witness it. 

Children's comments: 


I loved the songs that Gloria sang with us. I learnt about her family and when her dad came from Jamaica to England. He made money for her mum to come along. I learnt more about racism and how people can be unkind to others about their skin colour and where they come from. - Olivia Goodland


I learnt that we should treat people equally and it doesn't matter about their skin colour or where they're from. I enjoyed everything about the workshop. - Skye Smith 


I learnt about racism and about her Gloria's family came to England. I liked it when she joked about telling Father Christmas that she wanted to be an Elf and she embarrassed her father by calling him Christmas Father. - Jacob Peatfield

Sports Superstars


Our new topic for the Summer Term is 'Sports Superstars'. We have begun learning about the Ancient Olympics. We have some exciting things to look forward to this term!





Friday 23rd March 2018 - Today Years 3 and 4 celebrated the end of their current topic by holding an 'Extreme Earth Exhibition' in the hall. It was lovely to see so many parents looking at the Art, DT and English on display.

Pine Class had a fun afternoon erupting their volcanoes that were made from mod-rock and then painted. We observed how the reaction between the vinegar and the bicarbonate of soda caused an 'eruption'. We used washing up liquid and paint to make the eruption look more dramatic. Some of our eruptions shot straight up and were really fun to watch! 










MET OFFICE morning (15.03.2018) Y3 and Y4 had a fantastic morning learning about weather and doing some impressive experiments with a visitor from the Met Office. He taught us about different types of weather, how it's generated, how they predict the weather using very expensive and very modern technology. We got to use some of the equipment and did some unforgettable experiments. For example, we learned how to create a cloud in a bottle by increasing the pressure and the temperature and then making them drop down very quickly.


Our Wonderful Literacy Learning

Over the last few weeks, Year 3 have been learning about explanation texts. On Wednesday, Pine Class worked together to use their Topic learning about earthquakes to write an explanation text. Have a read for yourself below!


We are looking forward to writing individual volcano explanation booklets this week ahead.



On Friday, 2nd February, the Y3 classes and Y4 classes joined forces for an ART DAY, focusing on artists that reflected natural disaster in their work. Inspired by Hokusay and Warhol, we sketched and painted our own volcanoes, to help us further with our learning about natural disasters.

On the 29th January, we had an amazing workshop with the writer, poet and performer A.F. Harrold. We learnt about kennings and created our own kenning as a class. The day after, every one of us wrote our kenning about either an animal, or a natural disaster.

Today, Pine class learnt about the St James Tree. We learnt how the tree represents our school. The British and Christian values are the roots, nourishing and sustaining. The trunk is the strength of the school supporting the branches which represent the year groups and classes. The fruits represent all of the children who grow at our school. 


In Year 3, we focused on learning about respect. We all wrote three words which sum up what respect means to us. These were all put together to make the word cloud below. 


We are starting a new topic this term called Extreme Earth which focuses on natural disasters across the globe including why and how they happen. 

The children are really enjoying their learning so far - ask them what layers the Earth is made up of and how earthquakes happen!

Share a Story and  the Fireside

The Christmas spirit is alive in Pine Class. We have a lovely fireplace in our reading corner so children, please come and share a story and get toasty by the fireside. 

Charmouth Trip
Recently, Year 3 enjoyed a wonderful trip to Charmouth. We learned from some experts, who taught us lots about how fossils are formed and the history of the area, including Mary Anning, who lived in Lyme Regis during the Edwardian times and was lucky enough to find the first fossil of an Ichthyosaur. Many children were lucky enough to discover great finds during our fossil hunting time on the beach. Olivia from Pine Class found a fossilised vertebra from an Ichthyosaur, Oliver from Poplar Class discovered a large stone with crystals inside while the majority of the other children found Belemnites and others also found Ammonites. Children were also excited to find many artifacts from a Victorian rubbish tip which had fallen down the cliff, finding lots of different types of pottery, and Melina from Poplar Class found what could be a metal spoon or bolt from the Victorian Era. 


We will use all of our discoveries as we begin our new topic learning of Rocks and Fossils. 







Pine Class enjoyed making Roman shields to learn how to write a set of instructions.




Pine Class enjoyed a fun start to our new topic, Time Team. We went through a portal on our classroom door and found ourselves in the Stone Age! There was a camp fire and cave paintings. Someone saw a bare foot so we thought there may have been a cave man in school. We went for a hunt and enjoyed forest school so we could experience Stone Age activities.