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Performing Arts

Performing Arts has a hugely significant role in the children's education at St James. We offer a cross-curriculum approach to performing arts emphasising the importance of 'emotional intelligence' developing a creative mind and fostering imaginations to make our children's journey through school a happy one. 


Through performing arts we teach the children communication skills, self-expression, exploring alternative options and individuality. With improved self confidence and self belief, the children of St James will have the skills to equip them for life. 


Performing Arts Throughout the St James Year

We take part in many things as a whole school or Key Stage throughout the year. They include:


  • Nativity performance at St James Church
  • Vocabulary parade to celebrate Wold Book Day
  • National Poetry Day - Whole school 'Poetry Slam' performance. 
  • Traditional tales plays to promote the love of these well known stories. 
  • R.E collective worship performances
  • End of year performance by KS2

St James performing arts subjects progression document

St James Lockdown Nativity

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