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Outdoor Learning

“Must we always teach our children with books? Let them look at the mountains and the stars up above. Let them look at the beauty of the waters and the trees and flowers on earth. They will then begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education.” – David Polis

At St James Church School, we know that learning outdoors is crucial to a child's development, education and well-being. Research shows, that time spent outdoors can help children reach optimum learning, positively impact on health and well-being, develop communication skills, confidence and so much more! The list is endless.


Outdoor learning gives learners the opportunity to step away from the traditional four walls, allowing children the time and space to create and discover their own learning in a natural environment. This approach turns planned lessons on their head and focuses on the process of learning, rather than the content; how we learn rather than what we can learn.


Learning outdoors enables children to escape their comfort zone, reminding them of the incredible things they are capable of. Through regular, pressure free, practical activities, children develop in areas such as: resilience, confidence, self-esteem, imagination, independence, team work and so much more. New found hobbies begin to form, a wonder and appreciation for nature grows, motivation increases and fitness improves. The positive ripple effect these benefits can have on a child and world around them are endless. 

Children begin to realise their full potential. Allowing them to use tools, explore, investigate, assess risks and on occasion, sneak worms into their pocket gives no ceilings to their learning, no ability groups, no tests and most of all no pressure. 


We are very proud of the incredible outdoor spaces we have around our school; staff, parents and children have worked hard to make these areas the great learning environment that they are today. These spaces include our beautiful Forest School area, a school garden, poly-tunnel and other various outdoor areas which are always being further developed to enhance the learning opportunities for all of our children.