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Mrs Sheehan's Charity Challenge for CFC

Cyclists Fighting Cancer



'On the 16th of June 2018, 4 Cancer Survivors and their crew of doctors, mechanics, therapists and helpers are going to take on what is accepted as “The Toughest Bicycle Race in the World”. The RACE ACROSS AMERICA is a 3100 mile long time trial from Oceanside, California on the West Coast of the USA to Annapolis, Maryland, just below Washington on the East Coast. The riders and crew will be racing non-stop, 24Hrs a day and hope to complete the course in around 7 Days. All of this is being done in the name of all the children currently living with cancer in the UK.


They are aiming to raise £250,000+ to help the charity Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) to provide vital support for children with cancer.  Our very own Mrs Sheehan is one of those 4.  On Tuesday 10th April she came in to talk to the whole school about her challenge. 


If you would like to find out more about her challenge please visit their web page: