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At St James school, the children are taught French as an additional language. Through the learning of another language we aim to foster our children’s curiosity about the world and other cultures.

At St James, children begin to learn French from year 3.  They explore patterns and sounds of the language through songs and rhymes, linking spellings, sounds and meanings of words. As the children move through school, we intend for the children to become more confident and fluent with their speaking of French; engaging in conversation and expressing their thoughts and opinions. They also develop their ability to read and write words and simple sentences in French, preparing them for further language learning at secondary school. 




French at home/ useful websites: 

1. Take your child to a museum

France has produced some of the most talented artists. Check your local museum’s schedule to see when it is featuring a French-inspired exhibition and enjoy a day out.  Entry to museums is often free.

2. Celebrate French holidays

Celebrating important French holidays, such as Bastille Day, will teach your child about French history. Celebrate by making some fun crafts or taking part in holiday traditions. Similar to the Bonfire Night, the French display fireworks. 

3. Cook a French meal

Familiarise your child with French cuisine by making a traditional French meal, such as crème brûlée.

4. Listen to French music

 Download some French songs to listen to while at home or on the road. Listening to French music will help familiarise your child with French accents and pronunciations.

5. Memory game

Create some French flashcards and place them face down on a table. Your child will flip over two cards. If the pictures match, your child will flip over two more cards. The point of the game is to match all of the cards from memory.

6.  Colouring books

Purchase a French colouring book for. These colouring books will spark your child’s creativity, while helping them learn various vocabulary words and themes.

7.  Read French books

There are lots of beginner French books, there might even be some in your local library. 


Here are some useful websites that children can engage with at home to support their French knowledge.