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Here is the usual overview of learning for Maths in Year 5. After covering the previous year group objectives and ensuring key skills have been built on following the Lockdown period last academic year, we are understandably in a different point to usual. We are currently working on Year 5 Fractions. We follow the suggested timings, depending on the needs of the children. 


Below this grid are links to videos and worksheets that are our current focus in school for you to access while you are home. There are also Arithmetic Papers for you to complete. 


Maths Links and Resources Summer 2

Maths links to videos:



Multiply Unit Fractions by an Integer: Spr5.8.3 - Multiply unit fractions by an integer on Vimeo

Multiply Non Unit Fractions by an Integer: Spr5.8.4 - Multiply non-unit fractions by an integer on Vimeo

Multiply Mixed Numbers by an Integer Spr5.8.5 - Multiply mixed numbers by an integer on Vimeo


Fractions -

Add mixed numbers: Spr5.7.3 - Add mixed numbers on Vimeo

Subtract Mixed numbers: Spr5.7.5 - Subtract mixed numbers on Vimeo

Add and Subtract Fractions: Spr5.6.2 - Add and subtract fractions on Vimeo 

Add and subtract fractions within 1: Spr5.6.3 - Add fractions within 1 activity on Vimeo

Add fractions: Spr5.7.1 - Add fractions on Vimeo

Add 3 or More Fractions: Spr5.6.5 - Add 3 of more fractions on Vimeo


Fractions: Ordering Fractions: Spr5.5.3 - Compare and order fractions less than 1 (first part of worksheet) on Vimeo 

Spr5.5.4 - Compare and order fractions less than 1 (second part of worksheet) on Vimeo 

Spr5.5.5 - Compare and order fractions more than 1 (first part of worksheet) on Vimeo

Spr5.6.1 - Compare and order fractions more than 1 (second part of worksheet) on Vimeo 


Fractions: Improper fractions to mixed numbers: Spr5.4.5 - Improper fractions to mixed numbers on Vimeo 


Fractions: Mixed numbers to Improper fractions: Spr5.5.1 - Mixed numbers to improper fractions on Vimeo


Fractions: What is a Fraction? Spr5.4.1 - What is a fraction on Vimeo


Equivalent Fractions: Spr5.4.2 - Equivalent fractions (1) on Vimeo 

Spr5.4.3 - Equivalent fractions on Vimeo


Division: Spr5.3.2 - Divide 3-digits by 1-digit on Vimeo 

Spr5.3.3 - Divide 4-digits by 1-digit on Vimeo






Roman Numerals:


Negative Numbers:


Rounding to 10, 100 and 1000:


Rounding numbers within 100,000:


Worksheets and Links with activities below:


Summer Resources
Spring Resources
Autumn Resources

TT Rockstars is a fantastic resource that enables your child to learn their times tables and number facts in a fun and interactive way. Information on their attainment goes straight to your child's class teacher, so they can keep up to date with your child's progress.