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KS1 Home Learning (Y1 and Y2)

Below, you will find your weekly home learning grids.  Each week has two grids for you to choose activities from.


The first grid contains tasks based around maths facts, reading and phonics, spelling and vocabulary skills.  These are a must, as they are facts and skills you need to retain whilst still learning at home.  They are divided into days of the week, but this is only a guide so feel free to organise it the way that works for you.


The second grid contains creative tasks, which are divided into challenge levels.  There is no set limit on how many you can do – try all of them if you want to, but we recommend at least 2 a day (Monday – Friday). The easier tasks start with bronze.  Try a range of the challenges too. Don’t do all the maths and none of the others for example – make sure you try at least one from each column in the week. 


Also, we don’t mind if you take a sneaky peak at the other key stage groups.  If you find something easy – there is no harm in looking at the next key stage and challenging yourself, and if it is too hard, take a look at the previous key stage too (just make sure a grown up checks the work first to ensure they agree it is the right level for you).


Please continue to upload your work onto your Dojo portfolio, so your wonderful work can be shared with staff and you can be awarded Dojo points.

We have added some suggested times to give you an idea about how long each activity should take. Teachers will be updating this page weekly to support children to continue their learning at home. 



The link to the PDF of this week's Home Learning Menu and any extra resources are below.           

This Week's Home Learning Menu

Resources for This Week

Supporting Your Child with Maths

If you are unsure of how to help your child to calculate the answers to their Maths questions, please take a look at our calculation policy for Year 1 and 2 below.

Previous Weeks' Home Learning Menus

We are passionate and fully committed in supporting you to provide education for your children whilst they are off school during the current world events, and all of the activities we have provided are suggested. Above all, your child's happiness and well-being is the most important thing.  Use your judgement as a parent to decide what to ask your child to complete each day and if you want to do things in a slightly different way than is suggested - then feel free to get creative with the activities.