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Keep active at home

Keeping Active


So in to week 2 of being at home. How are you all getting on with keeping active?


real PE

There is a log in on your class Dojo page for you to access Jasmine, the brilliant way we teach PE at school. real PE at home includes an online programme which supports you to be active, play and learn together. It includes a programme for Early Years, KS1 with 12 themes, 6 areas, over 250 activities and challenges and thousands of hours of fun activity. It also includes a programme for KS2 with daily and weekly guidance provided for both programmes in addition to an option to choose your own themes and activities. There are so many benefits to being active - not only to our physical well-being, but also to our emotional and mental health. When you log on, scroll down and there is a suggested timetable - I teach all of this in school and the children absolutely LOVE it. Let me know how you get on. 



I have re-tweeted some really good ideas of how to stay active at home - if you are not following the school PE account, search for @StJamesSchPE. There are 30 different ways to create active games just using a roll of sticky tape - genius!


So, the weekly personal best challenge. I set you a challenge to complete this and the bodyweight strength challenge circuit. I re-tested myself today (Tuesday) after I did Joe Wickes - see the PE Twitter account for my results. The challenges can be found at the bottom of the page - GO!


Joe Wicks The Body Coach is going to run a PE lesson (workout) every morning at 9am Monday to Friday. What better way to start the day? The workouts will be live on his YouTube Channel - click this link:


There are many ways we can keep fit at home with no equipment. You Tube has a plethora of content - obviously, please supervise the children while they are using this platform. These are some of my favourites and the children (and you) can literally just follow them - click, play, workout, happy days. 


Sallys - awesome strength workouts. There are Sallys for squats - the easiest, stomach/core which is harder and if any of you can complete Sally arms, you get a gold medal! 

Sally squats:

Sally core:

Sally arms:


Moovlee - there are so many workouts - yoga, meditation and active workouts. Here are a couple of good ones: and


Joe Wicks the Body Coach. Joe Wicks is brilliant - he has hundreds of workouts on his YouTube channel specifically for children, but also tons for adults to do too. It is important that children do the children's work outs as they are specifically designed for their growing bodies. All of the workouts need little space and no equipment and are really easy to follow. 


Cosmic Kids Yoga. I use these a lot in school and the children love them. There are lots to choose from and they too have their own YouTube channel. 


Other Physical Activities to try at home Sport England have produced tons of resources to help keep you active, over this time of isolation. has fun dance moves and active games online. Free to subscribe – tons of enjoyable activities. 


Premier Sport have unlocked and provided for free some home challenges. Premier Sport run many of our after school clubs. Parents can download activities for their children to complete at home. Premier Sport will provide resources split across the following categories:

  • Physical Activity
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Lifeskills

They will be uploading resources including Tokyo Trail, Game of Actual Life lessons and sessions from NGB’s under each of these categories. They will add to these resources daily. If you are interested, you need to sign up on their website. 


Home Circuits - this is a really fun way to keep fit - design your circuit, set up your timer, get some music on and off you go! Here is one that I do at home: star jumps, press ups, sit ups, sprint on the spot, tricep dips (I use the edge of the sofa), lie on back and do leg raises, jumping squats, plank, punches (stand with legs apart and punch forward with alternate arms as hard as you can), squat with alternate knee raise, punch up in the air (straight up above your head) with alternate arms, crunches. 

You decide on the work/rest balance. Start with 30 seconds work and 30 seconds rest between each exercise, then try 35 seconds work with 25 seconds rest and aim for 40 seconds work and 20 seconds of rest. I write the exercises out on bits of paper so I can re-use them. Enjoy!


Balloon Challenges and Games. SO much fun can be had with a simple balloon. Here are some ideas:

Keepy uppies with hands or feet - how long can you do it for? How many can you do - set a personal best and try and beat it. 

Seated volleyball - use cushions or pillows as a net.

Standing volleyball (depending how much room you have - use chairs for a net).

Balloon tennis - use your hand as a bat.

Balloon waddle races (put the balloon between your knees and it has to stay there) - could you go into 3 different rooms of the house?

Balloon and spoon race.


Set an Indoor scavenger hunt - find the following items in your house. Use a phone or tablet to take pictures of the following items. How quickly can you find all the items?

1. Something beginning with the letter S

2. Something red

3. A family photo

4. A spoon

5. A picture of someone doing a yoga pose

6. Happy faces

7. Something beginning with the letter O

8. Something that makes a noise when shaken

9. Something beginning with R

10. Something soft

11. Something white

12. Something with two hands and a face but has no arms or legs

13. A group balance, where all of you are touching each other, no one can do the same balance

14. Someone doing the floss

15. Something plastic

16. Something hard


There are some brilliant resources online too:



Plus loads of stuff on youtube - please supervise the children when they are on YouTube



Enjoy keeping active everyone, Mrs Ray

St James Personal Best Challenges