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'In your garden' activities to try

Website links to some fun activities

If you have a back garden, try out some of these ideas:


* Paint nature - Paint something you see outside or even use natural paint (crushed berries, pollen, grass rubbing - see what colours you can create! Make sure you wash hands after)


* Natural paintbrush - Find a stick and use string to attach natural materials to the end to make a paintbrush


* Read outside


* Make mud pies


* Go puddle jumping


* Create art out of nature - instead of paint/glue/pencils, why not use sticks/leaves/petals/rocks with the floor as your canvas? 


* Tree faces - use mud to create a face for a tree! 


* Tree dragons - Find interesting parts of a tree that you could turn into a dragon by painting it! 


* Colour match - Using a paint sample card (or make your own!) see what colors you can match with nature


* Go on a nature scavenger hunt


* Be a forest school teacher - Teach whoever is at home something you have already learnt in Forest school!


* Help with the gardening


* Plant seeds


* Meditate outside - Sit quietly, close your eyes and tune in to the sounds around you! 


* Picnic in the garden


* Paint with water (if you have a patio or hard area) 


* Make tree and leaf rubbings


* Make a stick family


* Make a nature wand/ wizard stick - find a cool stick, attach natural materials to it using string or wool


* Flower press


* Search for animal homes


* Play torch tag at night


* Test your senses - Take away a sense and identify an object. Eg. Close your eyes and use other senses to identify a natural object such as a pine cone


* Look for bugs and research them! 


* Make natural glitter - Hole punch leaves and other natural materials


* Make a map of your garden


* Camp in your back garden! 


* Build a mini shelter for the creatures in your garden (using sticks) 


* Identify plants (parents/carers there is a great app called Candide or iNaturalist) 


* Memory game - collect natural materials, try remember them, turn around and see how many you can remember


* Climb a tree


* Nature weaving - using an old photo frame or sticks tied together in a frame, tie string across the frame and weave using nature! 

If you don't have access to a garden but can look out of your window or collect some items on a walk, try these:


* Paint nature - Paint something you see outside


* Birdwatch out of your window - The RSPB website has some great resources for this -


* Watch the sunset


* Nature show and tell - Find something you love in nature, research it and tell everyone at home about it! Or even Miss Carrott when you're back at school 


* Water your house plants


* Plant seeds for the windowsill.  You don't need to buy these; save them out of the fruit or veg you cut up for food and see which will grow! 


* Make a nature story


* Look after your pets! Take responsibility - water, feed, walk and play with your pets! 


* Stargaze


* How colourful is your garden/house? Write down all the colours you can see! 


* Make a nature poster - why do you love nature? 


* Nature interview - make a microphone out of natural materials, interview a family member

on what nature means to them, record it if you have a device