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Home Learning March 2020

Welcome to our home learning page for March 2020. 


This page has some very simple intentions:

1. To help you find fun activities to do with your children whilst they are at home.

2. To provide you with access to the learning being undertaking in school so you can keep your children up to date with their knowledge whilst at home.

3. To give you links to videos that provide you with the knowledge of current methods we are using in school to teach the children (so you don't get that well known come back phrase - we don't do it like that in school!)


Class pages will have a daily timetable uploaded so you know what the learning for the day is.  Every child will have a blank book sent home over the next week with all sign up codes inside, so you can capture their home learning activities in it and access apps like bug club and AR.  Please save the book so your child can bring it back to school when we return to normal and we can share it together.  


Above all, make sure you READ READ READ whilst at home.  Read to your child, listen to your child reading or just look at some picture books and talk about the story through images. Make the time special and fun too!  There's nothing wrong with snuggling under the blanket and drinking a hot chocolate on the sofa whilst you read.


We hope you find this page helpful.  Staff will be updating things daily so please take a look each school day (Mon - Fri)  for new learning opportunities.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

Remember to sign up to Class Dojo to support with communication.

All the information is in your child's home learning book to connect both children and parents. This allows us to share hints and tips and also allows you to contact your child's class teacher. 

If you have a spare few minutes and you want to try some fun activities, take a look at the pages below for some inspiration. 
Happiness and Worries Help

Curriculum Help

We are uploading videos to this page which share with you the methods we use to teach maths.  We will be adding more videos over the next few days so please visit this page regularly for new resources.

Additional Learning Needs


We would like to ensure any child with additional educational needs is supported to keep learning at home. The pages for the year group that your child is in might have learning available that is very relevant for you to use with your child.  However, it may be appropriate to use the resources suggested for a different year group.  It is particularly important to consider the information on the links; Maths at home, Creative, Active at home and In your garden.





Third Party Websites:

This tab contains links to external web sites not controlled by us.  These links are provided solely as a support to you during these exceptional times.  We are not responsible for the content of any third-party web site and do not take any responsibility for the content on the pages linked via our website.  We do check that all links are suitable, however, we advise parents and carers to visit the links before allowing any children to visit these sites, and that parents and carers provide suitable supervision at all times whilst children are on the internet.