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Home Learning 5th - 8th January

Please see below for a daily timetable supporting you and your child to continue to access the curriculum at home. Please refer to the blended learning homepage for the principles and advice guiding our home learning offer. We endeavour to provide links that are accessible via  a mobile phone and the learning can then be recorded on paper if appropriate. This can be shared via Class Dojo to enable your child's class teacher to provide feedback and guide you and your child on the next steps in their learning. 


There will be supplementary videos posted by class teachers on Class Dojo and remember to tune in for your stories. :)

Home Learning Support Documents



Friday 8th January 

Active Time 

Please see the ‘Keep Active at Home’ page on the school website for ideas. 

This is from BBC Supermovers and is a really good way of helping you remember some facts about 2D and 3D shapes as well as getting active.

Word of the day 


What do you think wallowing means? Write down your answer and then look it up and write down the definition.  Use wallowing in a complex sentence. Start your sentence with a prepositional phrase.



Here are this week’s spellings. We are consolidating changing words ending in –y from singular to plurals.

Nouns ending in a consonant +y change y to i and add es

Nouns ending in a vowel +y add s

Practise your spellings using the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ method.


alley- alleys

decoy – decoys

chimney – chimneys

disobey - disobeys

study – studies

secretary - secretaries

opportunity – opportunities

community – communities

category – categories

possibility – possibilities


N.B root word is given in bold as well as the words to be learned

Spelling Test

Ask someone at home to test you on this week's spellings. Upload your results onto your Dojo portfolio.



Main Activity

Today you are going to write a first draft of your own set of instructions on how to make a Norman helmet. Make sure you go through step by step giving precise instructions. Use imperative verbs – remember these are the bossy verbs – put, take, draw, cut, get to tell the reader what to do. Remember to use prepositional phrases to help the reader know what to do – eg on the card, above the line, under the handle. Fronted adverbials will make your writing more interesting and precise, for example: Carefully, cut out the shield.


Once you have finished, check the toolkit below to make sure you have included everything in the success criteria. You need to edit your writing – check your spellings, check your handwriting – is it neat and are all your letters formed correctly, have you used capital letters and full stops correctly? Do your instructions make sense and are they in the right order? Have you included everything in the toolkit?


When you have done this, upload your instructions on to Dojo – you may need to use more than one photo depending on how much you have written.

Times Tables 


Log in to TT Rockstars. There is a battle between Yew and Willow class. Who will win at the end of today?





WALT: multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

Pink Task

Continue with the pink tasks from yesterday and then start yesterday’s green task. 


Green Task & Purple Task

Look at the resources below for the Green Tasks and Purple Task



Please see the ‘Generic Reading to do at home’ link on the school website to choose a book for your daily reading. You should all have received an email invite from Epic books. We have assigned you books to read on here. 


Finish reading “The Iron Man” ready to quiz today (if you haven’t already). Please find the PDF version of this book (Wednesday resources below). You can read this with an adult at home or independently.


If you have quizzed on The Iron Man, please read and quiz on another book - remember you have access to Epic. 


WALT: understand the effects of lifestyle on health.


What does lifestyle mean?

What does a healthy lifestyle mean?


Can you create a spider diagram to show what you should be doing to live a healthy lifestyle?


Look at the Lifestyle Chart (in resources section below) can you complete the suggested daily behaviours. For example,


Suggested Daily Behaviours


Wash body regularly

Wash hair regularly

Wear clean clothes


Finally, look at the NHS guidance and reflect on what you do each week and where improvements can be made. Maybe you could add something on to your New Year Resolution worksheet that you did yesterday.