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Home Learning for School Closure 10/12/20

Please see below for a daily timetable supporting you and your child to continue to access the curriculum at home. Please refer to the blended learning homepage for the principles and advice guiding our home learning offer. We endeavour to provide links that are accessible via  a mobile phone and the learning can then be recorded on paper if appropriate. This can be shared via Class Dojo to enable your child's class teacher to provide feedback and guide you and your child on the next steps in their learning. 




Thursday 17th `December 2020



Start your day with a bit of activity.

What a great way to kick start the day! 


Why not use your fitter futures login to find something active to do?

Or try some yoga with

Cosmic yoga-


The spelling rule we are focusing on this week is plurals for words ending in f and ff.

elves, loaves, wives, leaves, halves, scarves, staffs, cliffs


We will also be looking at the spelling i_e for the -igh sound

slide, bike

Word of the Day

Try and use this word in a sentence.


It is time for the final instalment of Frank and Fred the reindeer will they get to go to the Bahamas?  Will Francesca drive them bonkers?  Read on to find out.

Don’t forget to complete your story and post it on Dojo.  Remember to use your adjectives and adverbs to add detail to your characters to help bring them to life.   Conjunctions will also help you to add detail as well.


Frank the reindeer lived in the freezing, dark North Pole in an old, run-down stable with his Mum, Dad and annoying sister Francesca. One day, Frank received a letter in the post from his brother Fred. He quickly and excitedly opened the letter and it said …


Dearest Brother Frank,

I know you are getting annoyed with Francesca, as she keeps stealing your carrots and I want you to be happy and ready for Christmas. Would you like to come and join me in my luxury stable? We have fresh straw every day and an endless supply of carrots and treats. Please let me know and I will send a sleigh to collect you.

From Fred (the warm, relaxed reindeer).


Frank felt excited but worried. He had a difficult decision to make.


Should he go and have fun in the warmth with Fred or stay here in a run-down stable with his annoying carrot-stealing sister? Thud!  Frank heard something heavy land on the snow-carpeted ground outside his window.  Quickly, he looked out his window and saw a tropical looking sleigh with a reindeer in a loud Hawaiian shirt behind the wheel.  It was Fred!  In a flash Frank’s mind was made up. He threw a few essentials in his old, tatty backpack, jumped out of the window and clambered into the sleigh beside Fred. Just as they started to take off, Francesca ran out the aged, wooden door to see what was going on.  Frank smiled broadly and waved as they flew swiftly skyward.  Suddenly, there was a loud bang and crash and the sleigh lurched franticly in the cold, crisp air.


Frank handed the controls to Fred and slowly, cautiously climbed out of the sleigh and onto the runner.  He was terrified but he kept on inching along, towards the front of the craft where the magnificent, magical engine sat.  Once there the brave buck pulled out a mysterious bag and carefully blew the glittery contents over the contraption. The sleigh settled and started to fly smoothly once more, but they were still not out of the woods as they had dropped so low Fred had to swerve continuously to avoid the tops of the trees.


As soon as there was a clearing visible on the ground Fred landed the sleigh and both reindeer staggered out and sat on the ground.  Whilst they calmed down and stopped shaking both reindeer made an important decision.  They jumped into the sleigh and in no time had reached their destination.  Fred leapt out of the sleigh and banged on the door in front of him.  Slowly it opened and three long, rounded snouts peered around the edge of the door.  Hastily, Fred ushered the occupants out of the building and into the sleigh and off they flew, high into the sky.  Fred and Frank looked back to the passengers in the back seat and shouted, “Merry Christmas everyone”, to Mum, Dad and Francesca as they shot off towards a very different, warm Christmas in the Bahamas.


Key Skills Practice

Log in to Numbots and challenge yourself at some of the activities on there.

Challenge each other to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and 1’s from any number

Or Challenge Miss Grattan or Miss Lacy to a game on TT Rockstar


Christmas Party!

It is the last day of term and that can only mean one thing…. PARTY TIME!!  Here are lots of different things for you to do at your virtual Christmas party.


Christmas Quiz 

  1. Santa has nine reindeer; can you name them all? 
  2. What gifts did the three kings take to baby Jesus? 
  3. On Christmas Day, what would you find a joke inside of? 
  4. Which meat do we traditionally eat with Christmas dinner? 
  5. What type of pie is typically left out for Santa on Christmas Eve? 
  6. What type of creatures are Santa's helpers? 
  7. How many doors would you open on an advent calendar before Christmas Day arrives? 
  8. What colour is the Snowman's scarf and hat in the Children's picture book 'The Snowman'? 
  9. What is the name of Kristoff's reindeer in the Disney movie 'Frozen'? 
  10. What is the main colour of Santa's sleigh? 
  11. What four letter word, beginning with the letter X, is a shorter version of the word 'Christmas'? 
  12. What is your favourite Christmas song? 


    Upload your answers to Do Jo and see how many Do jo points you can earn. 


    Christmas Search 

    Search around your house and find an item starting with each letter of the word Christmas. Can you find something for every letter? Be as creative as possible and post your final list on Do Jo. 


    Pin the nose on the snowman 

    Template attached  

    Use a blindfold and play pin the nose on the snowman with your family. Who can get the closest to his actual nose? Post pictures of you playing the game on Do Jo. 


    Christmas Word Scramble 

    How many words can you unscramble? You might like to give yourself a time limit or compete against a family member. Post your completed sheets to Do Jo and don’t forget to check your spellings. 


    Christmas Colouring Bookmarks  

    Practice your artistic skills by colouring and making these pop-up book marks. You can use them to read your book and post a picture of you reading with it to Do Jo. 



Look through the Dingbats pdf in the resources section with your family and see if you can name all the different Christmas carols and songs the pictures represent.


Can you create your own dingbats for your family, Miss Lacy and Mrs Grattan to guess?

Post your answers and dingbats on DoJo.  We love seeing what you are doing at home.


Please read on bug club at least 3 times a week

 or read your book and quiz on Accelerated Reader.


A link to story time will be on class dojo.


Read your Advent Calendar book and let us know what it was about and if you enjoyed it!