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Home learning 8th- 12th February


Friday 12th of February 2021  

Active Time  


It’s an Andy’s workout for you today! 



Here is your phonics lesson for today 

We are going to be playing lots of games recapping these sounds: 

‘sh’ ‘ch’ ‘th’ ‘qu’ ‘ng’ ‘ai’ 

These are all the new sounds we have learnt this half term.  

There will not be a video for today's activity, but feel free to go back through the videos we have posted on the website here:  St James Church School | St James Church School ( 



Task 1 – Have a go at this game. You will need to choose your own graphemes. Please choose all the sounds you know but most importantly the sounds we have learnt so far this half term. Flashcards Speed Trials ( 

Can you beat yesterday’s time? Maybe you could make a chart and see if you could beat can get better every day? 


Task 2 – Have a go at a game of ‘Tricky Word’ bowling. Use the words we’ve learnt so far which are: I, no, go, the, into, he. You could use your teddies if you don’t have plastic bottles or bowling pins.  










Challenge: Have a go on ‘Teach your Monster to Read’.  



Here is the maths learning for today. We are on session 5, week 3 today of topic called ‘Growing 6,7,8’  


Learning through Play 


Your challenge today is to make a mud monster like the one in Room on the Broom. You could make this out of mud and sticks, or you could use chocolate and then eat it. You could even make this out of paper? Anything at all!! Looking forward to seeing your monster creations. 



Bug Club 


Please continue to read on Bug Club and play on the phonics games. 

Remember, once you’ve finished your new books you can read the ones in your library again! 


Your challenge today is to do spend some time with your family and do some cooking. Here is a link to BBC family cooking for some recipes ideas If you can’t make anything today because your grownups are busy, maybe you could try and make something over half term.  


Here's the Smartie The Penguin story for Safer Internet Day