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Home Learning 8th - 12th February


Friday 12th February




WALT: catch up!

Independent activities

This is the last day of half term and in school we are going to spend this lesson catching up on any ‘bits’ that we need to complete. Please do the same at home. Check you have responded to all marking.

Is there any work you need to catch up on or didn’t do?



We are going to complete the RE poster on the 5 pillars of Islam as well as the mosque design in class. Make sure you have included all of the important features and a short description for each feature.


Let us know what work you have completed and if you need any help.




WALT: solve multiplication and division problems in different contexts and select the appropriate operation to use.

Independent activities

Mark your work from yesterday using the mark sheet in the resources below.

Today you will be continuing to solve word problems. Watch the teaching input video from Miss Bowden.

If you are feeling confident start with the green questions. If you are feeling unsure begin with the pink questions and try green when you are feeling more confident.

We would like most of you to attempt the green questions.

We expect to see you showing you can use a bar model in your work if it is appropriate for the question as well as long division.


Try and post the learning during the lesson if you can, so we can give feedback and support.

Remember to send a message on your portfolio if you need any help.



AR Quiz

Please quiz on A Necklace of Raindrops. All the videos are on Dojo – you may need to re-watch some you haven’t seen or need a re-cap on.


What books are you planning to read over half term? If you are stuck on what to read, message us and we can suggest some fantastic books.

Yew Class – Teams Meeting


Willow Class PE & Reading

Yew Class

Your parent has been sent a message on Dojo explaining how to attend the Teams meeting. We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow. You won’t need anything for the meeting, just a big smile and your usual energy.

Willow Class


Please go and do something active outside. We have spent so much time inside and on screens, our bodies need to move and our brains need a break and to be outside.

What are you going to do – walk, cycle, run, scoot? Enjoy.



Take some time to catch up with the last few videos of wonder. Miss Bowden will make a summary video at the start of next half term and then you can quiz.

Golden Time

Sit and congratulate yourselves for being awesome. Learning at home is so hard and you have completed half a term. Well done you. What skills have you learnt doing this – resilience, independence, keeping going even when you find something difficult, being positive, being self-motivated. Pretty important life skills. Enjoy some well-earned down time. I have a couple of challenges for you in half term – how many times can you skim a stone? Learn to juggle (you can use rolled up socks). Let us know how you get on.


Please see below for additional 10-minute activities that we complete during the school day.

Active Time


What FUNS colour have you progressed to? Can you create a fun jumping challenge that we can share and challenge the rest of the class to try and complete?

Word of the day

 Sick sentence: 


Up level and complete this sentence to a good year 6 standard. Use an ly- opener, up level the vocabulary, please write it in the present tense and include a prepositional phrase.


There was chaos in the classroom.



WALT: investigate the common prefixes  for-, de-, pro-,re-,in-.

for means away, not

de means down from

pro means forward

re means back, again

in means in, into


Spelling test

forget     forgive     forsaken    decline     definite

derive     progress     procedure      procure     recommend


Ask someone at home to test you on this week's spellings. Upload your results onto your Dojo portfolio.

Times Tables 


Log in to TT Rockstar's and try and beat your best score.

Monday Maths Video

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Monday English Video Part 1

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Monday English Video Part 2

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