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Home Learning 5th-8th January

Friday 8th January 2021




Spelling Test!


Ask an adult to read out your award spellings to you and let me know how many you get right!


Good luck!


Next week's spellings can be found below.


If your child completes Snip Spellings, they can also be found below. There are different sessions, but we have chosen a variety of spellings from across the sessions. They will also have 2 spellings from the weekly class spellings to practise which are linked to a spelling rule.


Big Maths


Watch this clip about analogue and digital time.

Use this link to explore telling the time using both an analogue and a digital clock. Can you make the following times:










Choose one of the ‘The Time Is...’ activities below. If you are not confident with the 24 hour clock choose ‘The Time Is...1’. If you want to challenge yourself choose ‘The Time Is...2’.

Put the times in order from earliest to latest. You will need to convert the analogue times to digital times!


Challenge yourself:

Times Tables

Our times tables practise, and test sheets can be found here…

Generic maths to do at home | St. James Church School (

Remember you have 5 minutes practise and 3 minutes if you want to test (4 minutes if you are on Olympic or Championship).

Practising on TT Rock Stars will also support your learning of times tables. Message on Class Dojo if you need your account details. is also a great website where you can pick the times tables you want to practise.


Arithmetic Test


Please complete the Arithmetic Test below. 

You have 30 minutes to complete the test. Remember you are to complete this test independently otherwise it will not be a true reflection on your ability and we won't be able to support you accordingly. 


If you are not sure on a question move on. Remember we haven't taught everything in the test so don't worry if you aren't sure on something but we have been through each type of question as a class before we have tested so you might be able to remember how to complete it.


Check your answers carefully before looking at the last page of the test to self-mark.



Read for 15 minutes either to yourself or someone in your house and use the following page on our website to support your reading at home…

Generic reading to do at home | St. James Church School (

Remember to check the level you are reading and whether you are able to quiz on the book on AR. If you can quiz, please do!


Please listen to the book read on Class Dojo. Once the book is finished you will be able to quiz on it.  

Active Time

Please use your fitter future login to do some daily workouts.

Joe Wicks workouts-

Cosmic yoga-


Have a think back to before Christmas.

Can you remember what ‘The Trinity’ is?

  • Tri = three
  • Unity = being together as a whole
  • the father, son and holy spirit
  • Christians believe The Father creates; he sends the Son who saves his people; the Son sends the Holy Spirit to his followers.
  • Three in one.


Can you remember what ‘gospel’ means? 

  • The word itself comes from a Greek word euangelion, which literally means “good news.” In the New Testament, it refers to the announcement that Jesus has brought the reign of God to our world through his life, death, and resurrection from the dead.
  • a life-story or biography of the life and teaching of Jesus.



Use these sentence starters to think about and discuss the picture.

I wonder…

I predict…


I notice…

I think…



Think about and discuss these questions:

What do they think they are doing/why/where?

What are the people’s emotions?

Why do you think they have travelled so far? True believers?


Can you remember what a baptism is?

Watch these videos to help you remember.


When adults get baptised it is slightly different and based on John the Baptist, watch this video to find out more.


Read Matthew chapter 3 to the children


Discuss the video.

How is the Trinity shown within it?

Why were people being Baptised by John?

Why did John not want to baptise Jesus?

Why are Christians baptised today?


Now use the sheet below named ‘Baptisms’ to think about the similarities and differences between an adults and a child’s baptism.

Can you sort them into which happen at a children baptism and which happen at an adults baptism?

Can you star the ones that happen during Jesus’ baptism?


Write down one thing you have learnt about baptisms in this lesson.


The answers to the questions can be found in the document named ‘RE answers’

Golden TimeEnjoy the usual Golden Time we would have on a Friday afternoon!
Yesterdays Answers

Sick Sentence Answer


Today I would like to walk to the shop and buy (some) milk.




Today I will walk to the shop and buy (some) milk.


Arithmetic Practise Answers


7435 + 2167 = 9602

5543 – 3823 = 1720

1956 + 8457 = 10413

9485 – 6789 = 2696

4821 + 3672 = 8493

6412 – 5022 = 1390

7501 + 3450 = 10951

7000 – 3456 = 3544