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Home Learning 25th - 29th January

Friday 29th January 2021





Spelling Test!


Ask an adult to read out your spellings to you and let me know how many you get right!


Good luck!


Next week's spellings can be found below.


If your child completes Snip Spellings, they can also be found below. There are different sessions, but we have chosen a variety of spellings from across the sessions. They will also have 2 spellings from the weekly class spellings to practise which are linked to a spelling rule.






WALT: edit and improve our writing.


By now you should have written the following sections to your myths:


Build up




Next week we will be writing the ending. Before we do this section, today you will be editing what you have done so far.


Read back through what you written. Use the comments and feedback given to you by your teacher to improve your stories.


Make sure you have included the following in each section.

At least:

3 x Fronted adverbials

2 x Adverbs of place

2 x Adverbs of manner

2 x Adverbs of time

2 x Subordinating conjunctions

4 x Expanded noun phrases

Written in the past tense


If you are struggling, use the word mats below to help you.


When you include speech, remember to punctuate it correctly.


If you can, please write your edits in a different coloured pen/pencil to help us see the changes you have made. You do not need to re-write your whole story out neatly as we will be doing this next week once we have finished writing it. 

Times Tables


Our times tables practise, and test sheets can be found here…  


Remember you have 5 minutes practise and 3 minutes if you want to test (4 minutes if you are on Olympic or Championship).

Practising on TT Rock Stars will also support your learning of times tables. Message on Class Dojo if you need your account details. is also a great website where you can pick the times tables you want to practise.





WALT: practise our times tables.


The only times tables we haven’t practised are the 11’s and 12’s. Take some time today to focus on these.

Today’s tasks:

  1. Listen to some times tables songs or practise your times tables in a way that you find best.
  2. Play TT Rockstar’s and make sure you have completed all 10 soundchecks.
  3. Play a times tables game (all the dominoes are below along with a monopoly multiplication game) or make up your own times tables game.


There are so many ways to practise your times tables and everyone will have a way which they prefer. Here are some ideas for you to try today and any other time you want to practise them…

  • Post it notes around your house
  • Counting as you go up/down the stairs, walking down the street
  • Songs
  • Saying them repeatedly
  • Writing them out
  • Play TT Rockstar’s


There are lots of times tables songs online which may help you learn and remember your times tables. Below you will find some of the songs we use in school. If you find any others that you like let us know!


3 times tables:

4 times tables:

5 times tables:

6 times tables:

7 times tables:

8 times tables:

9 times tables:

11 times tables:

12 times tables:

Independent Reading


Read for 15 minutes either to yourself or someone in your house and use the following page on our website to support your reading at home…

Generic reading to do at home | St. James Church School (

Remember to check the level you are reading and whether you are able to quiz on the book on AR. If you can quiz, please do!

Share one of your favourite books with someone in your house. Let us know what it is as we may suggest it as a recommended read.
Active Time

Please use your fitter future login to do some daily workouts.

Joe Wicks workouts-

Cosmic yoga-

This week is the last week of our focus on God and Incarnation in RE.

Please finish off any artwork from last week's RE lesson and upload a picture of it onto class dojo so we can add it to our class floorbook.


Please answer the following Big Question and upload onto class dojo so I can also add them to the class floorbook. Remember this should be completed independently from what you have learnt in our RE lessons.

What is the Trinity?
Golden Time Enjoy the usual Golden Time we would have on a Friday afternoon!