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Home Learning 25th-29th January

Here is today's learning. Enjoy!


Friday 29th of January 2021  

Active Time  


It's dress up Friday! 

PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 29th Jan - YouTube



Here is your phonics lesson for today:  29th January Phonics | St James Church School ( 


This week we will be recapping the new sounds we have learnt so far this term. There will be lots of fun and active games for the children to play at home which will ensure they’ve learnt the new sounds successfully.  


Challenge – Can you go on a hunt around your house? Find 10 things and tell your grownups what sound each of these things start with! We would love to see some pictures of the items you find!



Here is the maths learning for today. We are on session 5 today of a new topic called ‘Growing 6,7,8’ Growing 6, 7, 8! - Week 1 | White Rose Maths 


Challenge – Dice fun! If you have a dice at home, can you roll it and see what number it lands on? Can you get that many things? Maybe you could then find that many toys in your house! 


We are still thinking about perseverance this week.  I wonder if you can think of something that you would like to be good at? What do you need to do to make sure that you are good at this?  

It might be riding your bike or it could even be doing your writing! Whatever it is, have a think about how you can achieve this goal! 

Learning through Play 



Can you play a throwing game today? Here is an idea of what you could do! 



Bug Club 


Please continue to read on Bug Club and play on the phonics games. 

Remember, once you’ve finished your new books you can read the ones in your library again!