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Home Learning 25th - 29th January

During the day, we recommend that you focus on these activities. We have added some suggested times to give you an idea about how long each activity should take.

Please try and complete these lessons in order as the input lessons will be uploaded just before the lesson time.

Teachers will be updating this page daily to support children to continue their learning at home. Further information for each of the daily activities can be found below. 



Friday 29th January 

Word of the day 

5 minutes


What is the root word? How does the prefix change the meaning of the word? Can you think of a sentence in the present tense that uses unceasingly? Write it down and send it in.



15 minutes

Here are this week’s spellings.

We are learning to consolidate changing words from present to past tense -

irregular tense changes.

Practice your spellings using the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ method.











Spelling Test

Ask someone at home to test you on this week's spellings. Upload your results onto your Dojo portfolio.




60 minutes

WALT: write a character description using show not tell.

Please watch the video below that will explain what you need to do in English today. You are going to write a character description of Beowulf. Please make sure you complete this on a word document on your Chromebook and share it with us in school so we can edit it with you – don't forget to tick the box to allow us to comment.

Times Tables 


15 minutes  

TT Rockstar's

There is a new battle between Yew and Willow class. Who will win today?    




 60 minutes

In today’s maths you will be using your knowledge of place value, multiplication and division to help you try to solve the problem below. This will be a good challenge for you to try to complete. We expect to see lots of trial and improvements and methods when you upload your work onto Dojo to show us.


This represents the multiplication of a 4-figure number by 3.


The whole calculation uses each of the digits 0−9 once and once only.


The 4-figure number contains three consecutive numbers, which are not in order. The third digit is the sum of two of the consecutive numbers.


The first, third and fifth figures of the five-digit product are three consecutive numbers, again not in order. The second and fourth digits are also consecutive numbers.


Can you replace the stars in the calculation with figures?


Getting Started

Use counters or scraps of paper with the digits 0−9 written on them.


Make a list of 3 consecutive numbers 0−9 remembering that 3 has already been accounted for.


What could the ones digit of the product be if the multiplication is by 3?

Which consecutive numbers could be in the four-digit number?

Which other digit could appear in the four-digit number?



Prove to us that there is only one solution. How many solutions would there be if the clues about consecutive numbers did not hold?

Active Time

10 minutes

Please log in to Jasmine, click KS2 and then floor work. Have a last go at your FUNS to see what colour you progress to. Then have a go at the front support hockey challenge – what is your personal best. Mrs Ray got 29 and then collapsed!



35 - 45 minutes



If you haven’t quizzed yet this week, we expect you to quiz today.


You can follow the link below to watch ‘I Don’t Like Snakes’

AR Quiz No. 229291 BL 4.7 pts 0.5


Yew Class

If you did not watch the summary of Wonder that was posted yesterday, please watch it and make sure you then take the AR quiz. We are now over half way through the half term, so you should at well over 50% of your target. If you aren’t, you need to read and quiz today or this weekend.


Learning Expedition


45 - 60 minutes


PE and Golden Time


Golden Time

We haven’t all seen each other for so long and really want to feel a bit more connected. So we have a challenge for you to complete in golden time today. You know that Yew class listen to Celebrate Good Times when they finish a SATS paper? Well... We would like you to video yourself dancing, playing a household object as an instrument, sitting waving or something of your own choice and send it in to us. We are then going to make a video of each class to the song to share with you all so you can see each other. The staff are going to do it too. We want everyone to take part, so please send your video in this afternoon.



Mrs Ray would like you to go outside and do something active – scoot, cycle, walk, run, skateboard, rollerskate, penny board – the list is endless. Remember we should be active for an hour a day and it is more important than ever whilst we are in lockdown.

Whilst you are out, why not join in with the RSPB Birdwatch. You don’t need a garden, just an outside space – click this link to find out more:

Beowulf Character Description

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Thursday's science

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Maths video part 1

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Monday Jigsaw Lesson

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