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Home Learning 25th - 29th January

Please see below for a daily timetable supporting you and your child to continue to access the curriculum at home. Please refer to the blended learning homepage for the principles and advice guiding our home learning offer. We endeavour to provide links that are accessible via  a mobile phone and the learning can then be recorded on paper if appropriate. This can be shared via Class Dojo to enable your child's class teacher to provide feedback and guide you and your child on the next steps in their learning. 


There will be supplementary videos posted by class teachers on Class Dojo and remember to tune in for your stories. :)

Home Learning Support Documents


Friday 29th January 

Active Time  


Please use your fitter future login to do some daily workouts. 

What a great way to kick start the day!  


Try a PE with Joe session.  

Word of the day  




Here are the new spellings for next week: 


in-law        re-enter         re-cover 

pop-up        x-ray         self-aware 

de-ice       man-eating      tight-fisted 


disastrous     embarrassment     environment 


Investigate the new spelling pattern.  Can you find any other words that would fit? Look in your reading book to see if you can find any of your spellings.  


Use blu tack or playdough to make your spellings by shaping it into each letter. Take some photos for Dojo if you can.  


Look out for a video on Monday with Mrs White explaining the spelling rule further.  

See the English resources for the new Say Look Cover Write Check sheets. 



Sick sentence:  

Here is yesterday’s sick sentence written correctly: 




Spaghetti, which is a favourite of mine, tastes better with cheese on top. 


Correct the following sentence 


Wen we our aslepe are bodyes do meny inportent jobs so that we grows proply  



WALT: research by taking notes and use the features of a non-chronological report 


Today, you need to choose one of the planets in our solar system.  Use books and the Internet to makes notes about the key features of your chosen planet.


Facts you could include;

  • Size of planet e.g. diameter
  • Distance from the sun
  • Where its name came form
  • Time it takes to orbit the sun
  • Rotations
  • Number of moons
  • Weather and temperature
  • Distinguishing features
  • Other interesting facts


Then, you need to turn your notes into full sentences and present your information in a way which will engage the reader.   


You can present your work in one of the following ways depending on the resources you have available: 




*Piccollage (app on iPad) 

*Double-page spread (like you did for Shabbat) 


Remember to include pictures (photos or hand-drawn) and colour to draw the reader in. 


I will be sharing wonderful work and giving Imagination and Creativity awards. 

Times Tables  


Log in to TT Rockstars and try and beat your best score.  

If you haven’t yet, take a look at the games on numbots.  


WALT: solve scaling problems. 


Follow this  MyMaths lesson to learn how to scale a recipe.  Please can all of you complete questions 1 to 3 and for those seeking - a challenge complete the rest! 


Now use the Rocky Road recipe sheet to scale up and down the recipe.  Please complete this activity sheet and post it onto Dojo for some feedback. 


The final part of this lesson is the fun bit: getting creative in the kitchen and making your Rocky Road!  We know how busy you all are and have therefore planned this lesson so that you can choose to complete your baking over the weekend, if it works better for you.  We hope you enjoy making and eating your treats! 


Remember to take photos and tell us how they turned out on Dojo. 



Please see the ‘Generic Reading to do at home’ link on the school website to choose a book for your daily reading. 


You can follow the link below to watch a reading of ‘Winnie in Space’. 

AR Quiz No: 218744    BL 2.4   pts 0.5 


Look out on Dojo for one of the Year 5 teachers reading a chapter of our class book every day. 


WALT: understand the importance of the sun 


This afternoon you are going to spend some time watching this fantastic documentary by the famous Scientist Professor Brian Cox: 


BBC iPlayer - The Planets - Series 1: 1. A Moment in the Sun - The Terrestrial Planets 


Now answer these questions: 

 1) Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars were born together. 

     True or false? 


 2) How did Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars ‘battle violence’? 


 3) Only on Earth do oceans and life persist.  What has happened to the other planets? 


 4) Why has Earth thrived whilst the others have faded away? 


 5) Can Earth continue forever?  Why or why not? 




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