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Home Learning 25th -29th January


Friday 29th January

Active Time


Please see the ‘Keep Active at Home’ page on the school website for ideas.

You could also use your Fitter Future logins to complete some workouts at home.

Here are some more fun links to keep you active

Cosmic Yoga- Cosmic Kids Yoga - YouTube

Joe Wicks- 5 Minute Move - Short energising workouts for kids - YouTube

Word of the day

Spelling Test

 Ask an adult to read out the spellings to you in a different order to see how many you can spell correctly. Good luck!


hiking   hiked   hiker   nicer   nicest   shiny  being 

shining   scary   scaring  




Sick sentence:

Uplevel/Correct the following sentence.


it was raynin because I putted my coat on


Task 1: Watch the video on Class Dojo introducing today’s English lesson.

Task 2: Read the three sentences below. Are the adjectives all appropriate? If there are any that you think are silly, change them to a more suitable choice.

The tiny, ferocious T-rex stomped through the deep, muddy swamp.

Her jaws were filled with rows of razor-sharp, bendy teeth.

An ear-piercing roar echoed through the vast, flat mountain range.

Times Tables


Log in to TT Rockstars and try and beat your best score.

If you haven’t yet, take a look at the games on numbots.






Exchanging practise


Task 1: Watch todays video which shows you another example. 

Task 2: Keep practising this new method by answering these questions below.



1) 22-19=    2) 67-38=    3) 30-12=   4) 23-19=    5) 50-32=






Please read a book on Bug Club. Here is the link: ActiveLearn: Login (           

Have a look on Dojo as we will be posting videos of us reading some of our favourite stories.                

Learning Expedition


Today we are focusing on human and physical features.

What do you already know about human and physical features?

Can you think of any examples?

Task 1: Follow the link to a helpful BBC bitesize page. Watch the video and complete the activity.

Task 2: Copy or draw a prehistoric landscape and label the physical features that you have included. There is an example below.

How is the landscape different today?