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Home Learning 22nd - 26th February


Friday 26th February




WALT: create a drama based on the main points of a narrative.

Independent activities

Using the main points you listed yesterday, create a drama on the first part of Beowulf and the Sea-Hag. We appreciate that this is not easy to do at home. Can you use siblings to help? Could you act all the parts? If you need some help or support, please contact us on Dojo.

Complete the following reading comprehension using the text from yesterday (Beowulf p 68-87).


Please send your video of Beowulf into us as well as the answers to the reading comprehension.




WALT: solve problems involving converting between units of time.

Independent activities

Watch Miss Bowden’s video.

Respond to any feedback and then continue with the time questions you were set yesterday.


Remember to upload pictures of your answers onto Class Dojo for your teacher to see.



We look forward to seeing your quiz scores rolling in – don't forget you get a Dojo point for a 100% quiz. To hit your reading target you need to be at 17% of your target now – are you or do you need to read over the weekend to catch up?

If you didn’t do so yesterday, please read and quiz on this book on Epic – it has been allocated to you, but you can search for it too.


Willow Class

Earlier this week we finished our class book Wonder - here is the summary of Wonder that Mrs Ray has made. You MUST listen to this before you take your quiz. I look forward to seeing all your 100% quiz results come in – remember 100% = 1 dojo point! This book is also 11 points!
Good luck!

PE and Golden Time

Please watch the video on Dojo that Mrs Ray has done for you – it will explain what to do for PE and Golden Time. You have 6 words that we would like you to post on to Dojo afterwards please. Enjoy.


Please see below for additional 10-minute activities that we complete during the school day.

Active Time


Log in to Jasmine – then KS2 – ball handling. Time to see how much you have progressed with your FUNS. What colour have you progressed to? Did anyone move up 2 or more colours? Then have a go at all routes, or choose another one of the challenges to repeat.

Word of the day

Why would we use the word contemplate instead of think (and don’t just answer because it is a higher level word, think about the word’s meaning)?

 Sick sentence

 Why do we use prepositional openers? How does it help improve our writing? Write a sentence without a prepositional opener and then the same sentence with a prepositional opener. What does the opener add for the reader?




WALT: revise and spell the common prefix in in all its forms – il, ir and im.

In this instance it means not.

Before l in becomes il.

Before m or p in becomes im.

Before r in becomes ir.


Spelling test

inhumane       invalid       inability       infinite        inanimate

indelible      illegally    imperfect     impede       immediate


Ask someone at home to test you on this week's spellings. Upload your results onto your Dojo portfolio.

Times Tables 


Log in to TT Rockstar's and try and beat your best score.