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Home learning 1st Feb-5th Feb


Friday 5th February












WALT identify and use adverbs.

Please see today’s video on Dojo introducing the lesson.





Independent activities

Read the verbs below.

List one or more adverbs that you could use to describe how each verb is done.



Try and post the learning during the lesson if you can, so we can give feedback and support.












WALT add a total amount of coins.

Here is the link to todays video: Counting money in a set of coins ( This video will ask you to do a quiz at the beginning to see what you already know and a quiz at the end to see what you have learnt 😊.





Independent activities

Look at the coins below. Count the coins and calculate the amount they are worth.



Try and post the learning during the lesson if you can, so we can give feedback and support.

Remember to send a message on your portfolio if you need any help. =)



Please login to Bug Club for today’s reading and complete all the bugs in the book. Please let your teacher know if you need new books 😊.










WALT: interpret a range of sources of geographical information.

Yesterday, we started to make a representation of a mold fossil.

Mould fossils are unlike others as the animal or plant that has been squashed rots away.

Today we are revealing our ‘mold fossils’.





Independent activities

1. Now you have waited overnight, gently peel back the layers of bread.

2. Next, eat the gummy sweets to show that the animal or plant has decayed and is no longer there.

3. Last of all, look closely at the shape of the sweets left in the bread. This imprint is like those made in mould fossils once the animal or plant has decayed.


How effective is your mold fossil?

Can someone tell what it is a fossil of?

How does it compare to the real ones below?


Try and post the learning during the lesson if you can, so we can give feedback and support.


Please see below for additional 10 minute activities that we complete during the school day.

Active Time

Please see the ‘Keep Active at Home’ page on the school website for ideas. 

What a great way to kick start the day!

If you need time away from the screen or a movement break, there are some great ideas on here to get you moving and ready to learn again.


 Sick sentence: 


Uplevel/Correct the following sentence. 


 I love reading storyes so I eat broccoli everee dai.


Today is your spelling test. Our spelling rule is adding ‘-ing’, ‘-ed’, ‘-er’, ‘-est’ and ‘-y’ to words of one syllable ending in a single consonant after a single vowel.


Ask an adult to read the spellings below to test you.

patting   patted  humming  hummed  dropping  dropped  sadder saddest  runny  runner


Times Tables 


Log in to TT Rockstars and try and beat your best score.

Further Reading 


Please see the ‘Generic Reading to do at home’ link on the school website to choose a book for your daily reading.

Miss Henderson recommends listening to Mini Grey read her book Traction Man Meets Turbodog