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Home Learning 1st - 5th March


Friday 5th March


All morning


WALT: convert a unit of measurement from a smaller to larger unit and convert between different units of measurement.


Please watch the video that Mrs Ray has made. This is a very practical session today and you will need the following equipment/ingredients: 5 different sizes of containers, a measuring jug, some ingredients to make a smoothie or chocolate cookies.

Activity 1

  1. Get a measuring jug with an amount of water in it. By just looking, how much water would you estimate is in the jug?
  2. Now measure how much water is in the jug. Write down how much water is in the jug in l and ml.
  3. Estimate how much the water in the jug will fill each of the 5 containers you have in front of you. Mark on the jug with a whiteboard pen where you estimate the water will go to.
  4. Pour the water from the jug into each container and see how close your estimate was.



Activity 2

How large is your fist? What is the volume of your fist? How can you find out? Can you use a jug of water to help? What exactly is meant by a fist? Is it a fair test? Can a ruler measure volume? If so, how?

You will need to understand displacement. If you measure by displacement, the results will be in ml. You need to know that 1ml of water has a volume of 1cc. Therefore, every ml of water displaced represents 1cc of the object’s volume.


Activity 3

Make a smoothie or the cookies. You will need to convert the units of measurement so they are the same – for example g to oz or oz to g. 1 oz = 28g.

Smoothie recipe:

10oz frozen strawberries

280g frozen raspberries

50 ml water

0.3l milk

0.1lb oats

10tbsp yoghurt

2 tsp honey

You might want to half the quantities as this is to make a smoothie for a group of 4.


Cookie recipe (makes 12 cookies)
½ cup granulated sugar
165 g brown sugar
1 teaspoon salt
4oz unsalted butter, melted
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
115g cups plain flour
½ teaspoon baking soda
4 oz milk chocolate chunks
110g dark chocolate chunks

Melt the butter, then mix all the ingredients together except the chocolate chunks. When mixed, add and mix in the chocolate chunks. Split into 12 balls, place on a baking tray and bake for approx 15 minutes at 180 degrees. 


Activity 4 

Please complete the questions below and send them in to us when you have completed them.  



For almost the last time, please upload your work onto Dojo.



If you have not listened to the class book, this is the time to catch up. All the chapters of Tom’s Midnight Garden are on Dojo and we expect you to be up to date as we will be continuing with the book in school on Monday.

Learning Expedition



PE and Golden Time

This is the very last piece of home learning you are going to do before you return to school. Take 5 minutes to reflect on your achievements – what were they? Please let us know and upload them on to Dojo as we would like to celebrate your achievements when you are in on Monday.

PE – Please spend an hour outside being active and getting your heart rate high. We have all spent way too long on screens and need to move our bodies more. What are you going to do? Cycle, scoot, skate, run?


Please see below for additional 10-minute activities that we complete during the school day.


Active Time


Log in to Jasmine, KS2, one leg balance. So what colour are you going to finish the week on your FUNS? Please let us know what colour you started and finished on. Then have a go at the challenges we haven’t completed this week – counter balance and mirror image social.

Word of the day


 Sick sentence: 


Is this De:de sentence correct? If you think it is incorrect, can you edit it to make it accurate please?

The sea hag was Grendel’s hideous, revengeful mother: Hrothgar was a brave and kind king.



WALT: investigate the meanings and spellings of words using the prefixes auto, bi, and tele.

 auto means self

bi means two

tele means distant.


Spelling Test

automation     autocue      biceps      bilingual      bilateral

television      teleport     telescopic


Ask someone at home to test you on this week's spellings. Upload your results onto your Dojo portfolio.

Times Tables 


Log in to TT Rockstar's and try and beat your best score.

Further Reading

You need to be at 34% of your reading target when you come back to school, so please check on AR and if you are not there, please ensure you are reading for 30 minutes a day.