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Home Learning 1st-5th February

Here is today's timetable. Enjoy!​


Friday 5th of February 2021  

Active Time  


It’s an Andy’s workout for you today! 



Here is your phonics lesson for today:  

 Please watch the start of yesterday's phonics video to recap your sounds. Then have a go at your word smash games! 


We will be recapping the ‘ai’ and ‘ng’ sounds today and today you will need your paper or plastic cups today. Put lots of the cups on the floor and ask your adult to write lots of ‘ai’ and ‘ng’ sounds on them. Then, when your adult says one of the sounds you must stamp on the right cup hard and smash it with your foot! Have fun!! 










Challenge: can you write some ‘ai’ and ‘ng’ words on the cups. You adult needs to say a word and you need to smash the correct one. Remember to read the word first before you stamp on it.  



Here is the maths learning for today. We are on session 5, week 2 today of topic called ‘Growing 6,7,8’ 


Challenge: Here is another challenge for your grownups to read to you: ‘There were 10 apples growing on a tree. If 2 fall to the ground, how many would be left on the tree? Draw a picture to help you work out the answer. There were 10 apples growing on a tree. If 2 fall to the ground, how many would be left on the tree?’’ Draw a picture or use real objects to help you work out the answer. 

Learning through Play 



Bug Club 


Please continue to read on Bug Club and play on the phonics games. 

Remember, once you’ve finished your new books you can read the ones in your library again! 


Can you have a go at describing this picture. You could write a sentence that includes one of our new tricky words ‘he’ and our new sound ‘ai’ and ‘ng’. You could write: 

‘He is wet from the rain’. ‘He is sad’, ‘It is raining’.  

When you are writing, try to remember your finger spaces between the different words.  



Here's the PDF version if the Roll and Read Mat if you're able to print it

Here is a PDF version of the timetable. This is best viewed on mobile phones.