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Home Learning 18th - 22nd January

Friday 22nd January 2021



Spelling Test!


Ask an adult to read out your spellings to you and let me know how many you get right!


Good luck!


Next week's spellings can be found below.


If your child completes Snip Spellings, they can also be found below. There are different sessions, but we have chosen a variety of spellings from across the sessions. They will also have 2 spellings from the weekly class spellings to practise which are linked to a spelling rule.


Big Maths

Big Maths is  a lesson we complete every two weeks. This is not in our usual teaching sequence so we understand that you may not feel confident with this area of Maths, as we have not taught it yet in Year 4.  For Big Maths  we focus on a different area of Maths each term, where misconceptions stand out. This will allow us target these misconceptions and give the children opportunities to explore these areas before we teach it fully later in the year. 

This term's Big Maths topic is Time. 


WALT: use the analogue clock to tell time.

Visit this page to watch a video recapping some important things about telling time. 


First open the programme we used for the last Big Maths:


Can you use the clock to make the following times:

  1. 20 past 3
  2. Quarter to 5
  3. Half past 10
  4. 5 past 7
  5. 5 to 7
  6. 25 to 11
  7. 10 past 12
  8. Quarter past 1
  9. 20 to 2
  10. 4 o’clock


Then open the sheet below named “Analogue Time Activities”.


There are 2 activities to have a go at. If you are finding it tricky, use the programme above to help you.



Our times tables practise, and test sheets can be found here…

Generic maths to do at home | St. James Church School (

Remember you have 5 minutes practise and 3 minutes if you want to test (4 minutes if you are on Olympic or Championship).

Practising on TT Rock Stars will also support your learning of times tables. Message on Class Dojo if you need your account details. is also a great website where you can pick the times tables you want to practise.

Arithmetic Test


Please complete the Arithmetic Test below. 

You have 30 minutes to complete the test. Remember you are to complete this test independently otherwise it will not be a true reflection on your ability and we won't be able to support you accordingly. 


If you are not sure on a question move on. Remember we haven't taught everything in the test so don't worry if you aren't sure on something but we have been through each type of question as a class before we have tested so you might be able to remember how to complete it.


Check your answers carefully before looking at the last page of the test to self-mark.

Independent Reading

Read for 15 minutes either to yourself or someone in your house and use the following page on our website to support your reading at home…

Generic reading to do at home | St. James Church School (

Remember to check the level you are reading and whether you are able to quiz on the book on AR. If you can quiz, please do!

Share one of your favourite books with someone in your house. Let us know what it is as we may suggest it as a recommended read.

Active Time

Please use your fitter future login to do some daily workouts.

Joe Wicks workouts-

Cosmic yoga-


WALT: Understand that God is challenging and what people believe about God today.


Activity 1:

Look at the following sentences. Which do you think are the most important to Christians and which are the least important to Christians. Rank these from 1- 6 with 1 being the most important (there are no right or wrong answers)

  • God is a mystery puzzle we cannot completely understand.
  • God is the logical power that created the universe.
  • God is best seen in Jesus, who was God in human form.
  • God is full of love and full of light.
  • God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, three-in-one.
  • God lives in every living thing and especially in the hearts and minds of people who love him.

Once you have ranked them write a sentence for 1 and 6 to tell us why you think they are the most/least important.


Activity 2:

Think about the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – three-in-one).

Can you think of a metaphor to describe the Trinity?

e.g. ice, water and steam (all three are the same but different)

a twix bar (chocolate, caramel and biscuit) – all part of the same chocolate bar but different parts.


Activity 3:

Christians think God is mysterious and they don’t expect to ‘get’ God completely, but in their songs, paintings and stained glass windows, for example, they show their beliefs that God is the Creator, Rescuer (Jesus the Saviour) and the Presence in all life today (the Holy Spirit).


Have a look at the document below named ‘Trinity Artwork’. You might have seen similar in your community as there are hundreds across the UK.

Which do you believe expresses the idea for the Trinity the best and why?


We would like you to design your own artwork to represent the Trinity. Use the ideas in the document ‘Trinity Artwork’ to guide you or come up with completely your own design.

Golden Time Enjoy the usual Golden Time we would have on a Friday afternoon!