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Home Learning 18th-22nd January

Here's today's home learning timetable:


Friday 22nd of January 2021  

Active Time 


Here is today’s PE with Joe Wicks!

PE With Joe | 2021 - YouTube


For your phonics today, please log onto phonics play and play some games! PhonicsPlay Firstly, we would like you to play ‘tricky word trucks’ to practise your tricky words, then play dragons den with the sh,ch,th,qu sounds to practise your blending. After this have a go at playing rocket rescue to practise your segmenting- can you write some of these words down? Looking forward to seeing your brilliant phonics learning!


Challenge – Can you go on a phonics hunt for the digraphs ‘sh, ch, th, ng, qu’ around your house? Your grownups could write these sounds on some paper, hide them and your job is to find them around your house and read what they are. ?   



Here is the maths learning for today. We are on session 5 today.

Alive in 5! - Week 3 | White Rose Maths 

Challenge – Can you play the game ‘Beat the clock?’ Can you set a timer for a minute and count how many actions the child can do in that time such as star jumps, hops or writing their name. You could have a competition at home to see who can do the most!


We are thinking about persevering this week. Could you ask children to think of something they have done that they found tricky to start with but with practice and never giving up they managed to do it. You could give your own examples like learning to walk, riding a bike.

Learning through Play


Chester zoo have done some virtual zoo tours, Can you see any on the animals from monkey puzzle at the zoo? Which animal is your favourite? Can you write down your favourite animal? Maybe you could do some research on that animal and find out what they like to eat? Where do they live?

Bug Club


Please continue to read on Bug Club and play on the phonics games.

Remember, once you’ve finished your new books you can read the ones in your library again!

Here is a PDF version of the timetable which is often viewed best on mobile phones: