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Home Learning 18th - 22nd January

Please see below for a daily timetable supporting you and your child to continue to access the curriculum at home. Please refer to the blended learning homepage for the principles and advice guiding our home learning offer. We endeavour to provide links that are accessible via  a mobile phone and the learning can then be recorded on paper if appropriate. This can be shared via Class Dojo to enable your child's class teacher to provide feedback and guide you and your child on the next steps in their learning.


Friday 22nd January 2021



Start your day with a bit of activity.

What a great way to kick start the day! 


Why not use your fitter futures login to find something active to do?

Or try some yoga with

Cosmic yoga-



Today we will look at the split digraph o_e


Remember you do not hear the separate sound of the -e it is there to change the sound of the -o to a long vowel sound.

Here is a short video showing you what sound this split digraph makes and explaining the practice sheets you will find below.



This week’s new spelling rule is:

To practise adding -ed, -ing, -er, -est and -y to words ending in a single consonant letter after a short vowel sound. (double the  consonant). 


bigger, biggest, hotter, hottest, dimmer, dimmest, muddy, funny, busy, business

Today is spelling test  day.  Please see the video on DoJo with the spelling test on.

Word of the Day

Try and use this word in a sentence.


Sick Sentence


terrified ov the raging Chac the mayans hid in th tempel

Please fix my sentence.


Today we would like you to put into practice everything you have learnt this  week.  Rewrite your character description using all the different sentence openers you have

 to create interest for your reader. 

Remember to include exciting adjectives and adverbs to further up level your sentences.


Once you have finished your writing and before you upload it, read it back and check for the following:

Make sure you have not missed any capital letters and full stops, if you have please edit your work.

Uplevel your vocabulary if you can.

Make sure you have included at least two  of the sentence openers that we have looked at this week.

Key Skills Practice

Log in to Numbots and challenge yourself at some of the activities on there.

Challenge each other to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and 1’s from any number

If you have completed your baseline assessment on Garage, try to complete another 3 or 4 games today.



Arithmetic Day!

As usual we will talk through things before the quiz.  Look out for the video on DoJo.

Choose your level of challenge depending on how confident you are feeling.  There are three for you to pick from below the timetable. See the video on DoJo to help you and remember to check your work and post your answers on DoJo.


There are several activities below for you to try out today.   Some of them need an open space but others can be easily completed in the home if you cannot get out.  Let us know how you get on completing these activities on DoJo.



Please read on bug club at least 3 times a week.

 or read your book and quiz on Accelerated Reader.  Don’t forget books have also been assigned to you on Get Epic.  For more information see Miss Lacy’s post on DoJo.


A link to story time will be on class dojo.


Video to assist with Logging in to My Maths for today's lesson