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Home Learning 18th - 22nd January


Friday 22nd January

Active Time 

Balloon Tennis    

Can you play balloon tennis with someone? Set up a ‘net’ on the floor using socks/a scarf/cushions. If you have no-one to with, hit the balloon against a wall. Or make up your own game (but not water bombs ok?).  

Word of the day


In which context would we normally use the word conquest? If you don’t know what it means, please look it up and then use it in a sentence.



Here are this week’s spellings.

We are learning to consolidate changing words from singular to plural – irregular plurals

To consolidate changing words from singular to plural – irregular plurals


Singular àPlural

us   à    i

is   à    es

ix   à  ices

oo à ee

a   à ae

ouse à ice

N.B root word is given in bold as well as the words to be learned

Practice your spellings using the ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ method.

axis – axes

ellipsis - ellipses

cactus – cacti

fungus – fungi

nebula – nebulae

vertebra – vertebrae

ox – oxen

appendix – appendices

curriculum – curricula

datum – data

Spelling Test  

Please test on all 20 words.

Ask someone at home to test you on this week's spellings. Upload your results onto your Dojo portfolio. 



WALT: use our knowledge of a complex text to be able to sort a story into the correct order.

Please watch the video of Mrs Ray reading pages 24 – 37 of Beowulf. However, before you do this, please read through the complex vocabulary we picked out and looked up on Monday to refresh our memories about the meaning of the tricky words. As you are following the text when you are listening to the story, see if you can spot the words we have looked up.

Next, you will see below, there is a set of pictures that are a summary of the next section of Beowulf. However, they have been mixed up. Can you please sort them so they are in the correct order? Next, we would like you to do short piece of drama re-enacting the second part of the book using the pictures (to help you remember the main parts of the story). You may have to play several characters or use members of the family if they are willing and able. You have to include 5 words from the tricky vocabulary list we sorted on Monday. If you can video and send it in, that would be fantastic – we will share some that we do in school on Dojo later.

Your final task is to complete the reading comprehension below. Don’t forget in the reading comprehension that if it asks for evidence, you must use quotes from the text in your answer.


Friday 22nd January 2021

WALT: use quotes from the text to evidence our answers in reading comprehension questions.

Success Criteria:

  • I can find and retrieve information in a narrative.
  • I can use my knowledge of synonyms and word families to unpick unfamiliar words. 
  • I can find the meanings of unknown words using the context of the story.
  • I can use evidence from the text to support my answers.
  • I can make inferences about how a character is feeling.
  1. Who stopped and questioned Beowulf when he first landed in Denmark? (1 mark)
  2. Give an antonym for fiend p32. (1 mark)
  3. What does ‘gloriously helmed in silver’ mean on p 32? (1 mark)
  4. Give a synonym for the word grapple – p35. (1 mark)
  5. Why does Wulfgar say to King Hrothgar ‘These men, grim though they may look in their mail-armour, have come in peace’? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.  (3 marks)
  6. How did King Hrothgar feel? Use evidence from the text to support your answer. (3 marks)


Total out of 10:




Times Tables 


TT Rockstar's


There is a new battle between Yew and Willow class. Who will win on Friday?      


You are going to start completing a daily Ninjas sheet as you all enjoy it so much.


Complete as many questions as you can in 5 minutes!

The answers will be uploaded tomorrow so you can mark your answers.




WALT: use the inverse operation to check our answers.


Watch the video of Miss Bowden teaching you how to use inverse operations to check your answers.

Work out the answer to the questions then use the inverse operation to check your answer.


No remainders

1) 4851 ÷ 9 =

2) 5388 ÷ 6 =



3) 4521 ÷ 8 =

4) 7489 ÷ 4 =


5) 568 x 7 =

6) 987 x 9 =


Zoe and Teddy have both been working out the answer to the question.  Who has used the most efficient method? Explain why you think this. You must use these three words in your explanation: divisor, multiple and step.




Take 20 minutes out and sit and read – make a drink, find a comfy, warm spot, relax and let your book take you somewhere completely different. Enjoy.

Learning Expedition

Comic Strip

Please carry on with your comic strip of the Battle of Hastings. You should spend no more than 45 minutes on this. Please look at Dojo for some examples of the comic strips we have been completing in class if you need a bit of help.


Golden Time

Challenge – can you do some origami? Do you know what origami is? Let’s see if anyone can make this butterfly – I tried and though I made a few mistakes was successful and it was a very calming and enjoyable activity to do. Post us a photo of your creations and then why not get creative and decorate it?



I know you did some PE on Wednesday, but I would like you to do the following challenge on Jasmine please: Log in and then go on the KS2 page. Click the seated balance button and then complete the order shapes challenge. Watch the video to give you some ideas. How many shapes can you link together before you have to put your feet down? Mrs Ray managed 10 (ouch!). This should take you approx. 10 minutes.

Maths Video

Still image for this video

Jigsaw lesson video

Still image for this video

English Video - Adverbs of Time

Still image for this video