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Home Learning 18th-22nd January


Friday 22nd January

Active Time


Please see the ‘Keep Active at Home’ page on the school website for ideas.

You could also use your Fitter Future logins to complete some workouts at home.

Here are some more fun links to keep you active

Cosmic Yoga- Cosmic Kids Yoga - YouTube

Joe Wicks- 5 Minute Move - Short energising workouts for kids - YouTube

Word of the day





Ask an adult to read out the spellings to you in a different order to see how many you can spell correctly. Good luck!  


copying   crying  replying   marrying  carrying  flying  trying  drying   skiing   taxiing  




Sick sentence:


Up level/Correct the following sentence. You

can improve the sentence by adding accurate punctuation and interesting vocabulary.

The park was busy if we whent home 



When looking at many of your dictated sentences yesterday, we saw that spotting where one sentence ends and the next begins is something for us to help you with.


Task 1: Read through the 'Identifying and Punctuating Sentences' slides with an adult and discuss the questions. English | St. James Church School (


Task 2: Read and punctuate the text below.

Can you underline the verbs?

Work out where each full stop should be.

It might help to write the text out and use small objects to represent the full stops. Then you can easily move them while you are checking. 


Cinderella walked into the ball on her hands diamond rings glittered she danced happily in her magnificent, blue dress

Times Tables


Log in to TT Rockstars and try and beat your best score.

If you haven’t yet, take a look at the games on numbots.






Finding the durations of time 


Task 1: Watch today's maths video on Class Dojo.


Task 2: Complete/talk through the table below.  





Please read a book on Bug Club. Here is the link: ActiveLearn: Login (           

Have a look on Dojo as we will be posting videos of us reading some of our favourite stories.

Learning Expedition


This week we have learnt the names of the seven continents and have located them on a map. 

Today, we are learning the names of the world’s five oceans. 


Task 1: Watch the Five Oceans Song: Five Oceans Song - YouTube 


Task 2: Have a go playing this game. Can you locate each ocean? Do you still remember where each continent is? 

World: Continents and Oceans - Map Quiz Game ( 


Extension: If you would like to, you could make up your own song, rhyme or poem to remember the names of the oceans.