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Home Learning 11th - 15th January

Friday 15th January 2021





Spelling Test!


Ask an adult to read out your spellings to you and let me know how many you get right!


Good luck!


Next week's spellings can be found below.


If your child completes Snip Spellings, they can also be found below. There are different sessions, but we have chosen a variety of spellings from across the sessions. They will also have 2 spellings from the weekly class spellings to practise which are linked to a spelling rule.


Big Write


Today is Big Write day!

Our text type this week is a diary entry


We would like you to write a diary entry about Jesus’ Baptism. Please see the video on Dojo named ‘Big Write’ to support you with writing this and the document below named ‘Diary Entry and Checklist’.


Watch this video to learn about the story before you write your diary entry There are also lots of other videos on YouTube if you would prefer to watch a different version. 


Talk this through with an adult and plan what you are going to write but remember this is an independent piece of work which you should spend around 45 minutes writing.


Once you have finished, remember to re-read through your writing and spend 15 minutes editing your work. Use the word mats below for inspiration.

You should check for:

  • Punctuation (capital letters, full stops, commas)
  • Whether your sentences make sense
  • Speech and the punctuation that comes with writing speech
  • Adverbs (manner, time, place)
  • Fronted adverbials followed by commas (manner, time, place)
  • Adjectives and expanded noun phrases
  • Conjunctions (coordinating and subordinating)
  • Writing in the past tense and first person

Times Tables


Our times tables practise, and test sheets can be found here…

Remember you have 5 minutes practise and 3 minutes if you want to test (4 minutes if you are on Olympic or Championship).

Practising on TT Rock Stars will also support your learning of times tables. Message on Class Dojo if you need your account details. is also a great website where you can pick the times tables you want to practise.


Arithmetic Practise:

  1. 4678 + 2267 =
  2. 7182 – 2716 =
  3. 8346 + 646 =
  4. 6721 – 3461 =
  5. 1984 + 8753 =
  6. 6371 – 3641 =


We have come to the end of our lessons on length and perimeter. So, as we usually would in school, we are going to complete a ‘Maths Green Sheet’. This can be found below.

Please take your time with this but complete it independently as we would in class. Think about the questions carefully, we have covered all these questions.





Read for 15 minutes either to yourself or to someone in your house.

Use the following page on our website to support your reading at home…


Remember to check the level you are reading and whether you are able to quiz on the book on AR. If you can quiz, please do!


Please listen to the book read on Class Dojo.

Reading Lesson

Open “The Chocolate Tree” in the resources section. Read the fourth and fifth chapters, which are called “Trouble in the Temple” and “Chocolate for Everyone”.

Answer the following questions. Remember to write your answers in full sentences.

  1. What was inside the cacao pod?
  2. Why did Kukulkan never return to paradise?
  3. How did the Maya feel when Kukulkan brought them the gift of chocolate? How do you know?
  4. If you were one of the other Gods, how would you treat Kukulkan after he brought the chocolate tree to the Maya?


Big Question: Why are people baptised? (Remember to answer this without discussing the answer with anyone or looking up the answer) Post your answer to this on Dojo so we can add it to our RE floor book. 



Why do you think people pray?


Prayers can be said whenever and people pray for lots of different things. Christianity prayers have four main types. Some prayers show all four, some just one or two.

  1. Praise
  2. Apology
  3. Thanking
  4. Asking


Have a look at the following website for prayers which could be said during a baptism…


Maybe you could ask your local vicar what prayer he would use at a baptism.

Activity 1

Have a go at writing your own prayer for a baptism. You may wish to research some more baptism prayers to help you.


Have look at the following  prayer known as ‘The Grace’(2 Corinthians 13:14)

‘May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.’


This is a different kind of prayer, a blessing. It is widely used in churches and in some Christian schools, often to conclude worship. The members of the group say it to each other, so it is not addressed to God but offers a ‘blessing’ to people, referring very clearly to ‘The Trinity’.


Do you think it is…

  • Complicated or simple?
  • Peaceful or energetic?
  • Close to your own ideas or far away?
  • Up-to-date or out-of-date?
  • Natural or supernatural?


How might Christians feel about this prayer and why?

If we said something encouraging as a whole class at the end of the day what could we say?

Why would this be nice to do?


Activity 2

Some Christians like to have wall plaques, fridge magnets or posters to remind themselves of key verses in the Bible — including ‘The Grace’.

(Look at for the kind of thing some Christians use.)


Think about the best way to help Christians remember the blessing.

Design an artefact or piece of art expressing the ideas of The Grace’ You may not use the whole prayer.

What symbols, colours or images might work well to help Christians remember?

Golden Time


Enjoy the usual Golden Time we would have on a Friday afternoon!
Yesterdays Answers

Sick Sentence Answer


Across the Outback, the exhausted kangaroo jumped feebly, in order to reach the crisp, cool water and quench her desperate thirst.



Expanded noun phrase



Fronted adverbial




Arithmetic Practise Answers


  1. 6418 + 3781 = 10,199
  2. 2529 + 2784 = 5313
  3. 8253 – 8212 = 41
  4. 5828 – 4654 = 1174
  1. 7583 – 5874 = 1709