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Healthy Lifestyles Action Group

Focus of the Healthy Lifestyle Group

Following our first meeting, the group decided they would like the focus of our work to be on enabling every child to be as healthy as possible with a focus on physical activity and healthy eating. 


How to achieve our focus

1. To provide the opportunity for every child to be active for 30 minutes a day in school by:

  • Golden Mile - an expectation that every class completes this for a minimum of once a week. 
  • Active lunchtimes - equipment will be purchased, young leaders to run active clubs, lunchtime supervisors to run some active clubs
  • Every class to have an active break for 3 - 5 minutes..
  • To provide more active clubs at lunchtime and after school. 

2. To raise awareness of healthy snacks by

  • Putting information on Chatterbox.
  • Running an assembly.