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Generic phonics to do at home

Here is a list of useful phonics websites and apps to use with your children. These websites and apps will give the children opportunities to practise their blending and segmenting of sounds as well as their recognition of the different sounds and tricky words and general phonics skills.


If you try out any of the pages, here is a rough guide to which phonics phase you should be looking for your child's stage of education:



Phase One

This phase concentrates mainly on oral segmenting and blending. Play lots of games like 'I Spy', sing nursery rhymes, look at pictures in books etc.



Phase Two

This phase concentrates on learning the 19 letters of the alphabet and one sound for each. It teaches how to blend sounds together to make words and how to segment words into their separate sounds. 

Reception Autumn/Spring

Phase 3

This phase concentrates on learning the remaining 7 letters of the alphabet, one sound for each and also the graphemes such as ch and th not covered by single letters. Your child is able to read captions, sentences and questions and will have learnt that there is one grapheme (written version of the sound) for each phoneme (oral version of the sound) in the English language.

Reception Spring / Summer

Phase 4

Children learn to blend and segment longer words with consonants next to each other, e.g. swim or jump.

Year 1

Phase 5

This is the phase where Children learn that there are more graphemes (written versions) for the phonemes (sounds) they already know.  For example the long i sound can be represented by igh, ie i_e etc.  They also learn different ways of pronouncing the graphemes they already know.

Year 2

Phase 6

This is where we consolidate everything and working on spelling and the different patterns and rules, including prefixes and suffixes, doubling and dropping letters etc.


Your child may benefit from working on a phase outside their year group if they are struggling.  Don't worry about going back to revisit learning from before either - we all need that little reminder now and again.  The most important thing is that they keep practising.


Apps to try out:


Hairy letters


Mr Thorne- Geraldine's phonics land


Twinkl phonics


Pocket Phonics

Try these on Youtube (please make sure you supervise your children whilst on the internet):


Geraldine the Giraffe- Mr Thorne


Epic Phonics- Tricky words song


Boom Shake- The Alphabet