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Fun science to try

Fun Science Activities At Home


Science is a brilliant way to occupy both your time and your mind. Children are naturally curious, so have some fun doing some science together. Check out some of the links below where you will find a whole host of science experiments and activities.  Most of them require items that you will have readily available at home.  Have fun enjoying science!


New links!


Why not try out a few of our new website discoveries?


                 Colour Changing Milk


Why not have a go at one of Mrs Dickinson's favourite experiments? It's called Colour Changing Milk.   Follow the link below to find the instructions:


Calling all nature lovers


Follow the link below to view the live webcams at Edinburgh zoo - the Rockhopper penguins are particularly amusing at feeding time.


Other links to try


Other science acitivities


Observe Seasonal Changes

As spring has arrived, encourage your child to notice the changes occurring in nature all around them.  Talk about the plants, birds and the changing weather.



Discuss the weather each day and share the weather forecast.



Plant and grow some seeds.  Watch them grow and discuss the changes each day.

Cut off the tops of vegetables e.g. carrots, parsnips and place in a shallow tray of water. Watch them grow.


Minibeast Hunting

Hunt for bugs whilst getting some fresh air.  Use the link below to help identify them:


Nature Walk

Take a walk in a local park and identify as many plants (including trees as possible).  Use this guide to help you to identify common British trees: