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Diversity workshops with Gloria Lawrence (Storytree)

Through music, singing and storytelling, Storytree's 'Diverse Britain' workshop taught us about how people from minority ethnic groups came to this country and settled, helping us to understand the diverse nature of British society. 

'I enjoyed listening to her and her family's journey. It was reminded me of my family's journey to the UK and made me think about how my dad would have felt when he came to the UK on his own without us.' 


'I loved the songs and Gloria was really fun.' 


'She was taught us really important messages about not bullying.'  


'I loved hearing about someone else's journey. It made me think of when I came to England when I was 2 from my country.' 

I loved the songs that Gloria sang with us. I learnt about her family and when her dad came from Jamaica to England. He made money for her mum to come along. I learnt more about racism and how people can be unkind to others about their skin colour and where they come from.' 


'I learnt that we should treat people equally and it doesn't matter about their skin colour or where they're from. I enjoyed everything about the workshop.'